How offering remote jobs will create a beauty parade of candidates, relieve pressure on your staff and help you secure the best talent within public practice.

Securing a ‘Beauty Parade’ of Candidates in the Current Market 

Are you a firm that’s struggling to fill your compliance tax roles, or all your tax positions in general? Not sure where your recruitment strategy is falling short and how you’re missing the mark?  

If so, it’s time to start offering remote roles.  

With tax season coming around again very soon, firms need to be savvy and rethink their hiring approach to save themselves a lot of stress when the busiest time of the year inevitably arrives. 

Here’s why firms need to be more open-minded with working arrangements and how offering remote positions will create a beauty parade of candidates, relieve pressure on your existing staff and help you secure the best talent out there.  

The Benefit of Back-to-Back Interviews 

We know from working with forward-thinking firms that embracing modern ways of working by advertising a remote role can generate a lot of interest. Gone are the days when a hiring manager could say ‘I want to interview 10 qualified and skilled candidates who live within 45 minutes of the office’. 

The market is too competitive, and workers’ priorities have changed. Whilst a shortlist of local candidates would be ideal, it’s no longer reality. To secure a beauty parade of talented accountants who can add real value to your team, firms must adapt as the market does. 

The high volume of applicants that a remote role typically receives enables firms to line up back-to-back interviews. Think of it like a catwalk – a display of the top talent in the sector, allowing firms to choose from a highly qualified candidate list and find the perfect person for the job. However, this beauty parade of candidates is only made possible when firms shift their priorities and consider remote working candidates.  

Scheduling one interview after another gives employers the chance to really see the talent pool within public practice. Having interviews in such quick succession means that firms can accelerate the recruitment process and fill their roles quickly, which is precisely the desired outcome when gearing up to busy tax season.  

“Recently, we’ve noticed that a lot of firms are struggling to find and successfully hire tax professionals. As the largest agency recruiting exclusively into UK public practice, we’re uniquely positioned to offer oversight into why this may be the case. And after advising firms to make their unfilled roles remote, we were able to help them solve their recruitment problems overnight and create a beauty parade of candidates for firms to pick from.” – Garry Howling, Managing Director of Public Practice Recruitment Ltd 

Why Remote Works  

The fastest way to attract the top talent is to make your posts accessible to UK accountants everywhere. Sounds simple, right?  

Despite how obvious this solution may be, a lot of practices are yet to get on-board with remote working. Firms need to be more open-minded with their requirements, especially during busy tax season when it’s all hands on deck and every team member counts. 

Of course, we appreciate that not every industry can lend themselves to remote working. But a lot of jobs within public practice can be successfully performed at home. Many firms who have embraced such policies have reaped the benefits. 

Remote working is your unique opportunity to level out the playing field. It’s an untapped resource that will save you time, energy, and most importantly, money. But if you’re a firm that will need a little more convincing, keep reading to discover more ways in which remote working works wonders. 

A Wider Pool of Talent 

We’ve already mentioned it above, but it really is the most important factor that should influence your decision to offer a flexible work policy. Remote working will enable you to cherry-pick from a significantly wider pool of qualified accountants. 

Let’s imagine an all-too-common scenario. Perhaps your office is in a rural location that can only be accessed by car. Or maybe your business isn’t targeting an area that some of the best talent in the sector would consider relocating to. This doesn’t mean that your firm isn’t a good employer to work for, but it does mean that the odds of tempting candidates to uproot their lives aren’t particularly high. And who can blame them? 

Establishing a remote working policy will provide you with more scope to find the right person for the role. You won’t be held back by typical variables such as where the accountant lives or their family responsibilities. Instead, you’ll have complete free reign over the recruitment process and can enjoy access to a huge catalog of top talent. It’s a no brainer! 

Can you confidently say that your firm is sustainable enough? Discover our strategies for bolstering your CSR to improve your public image and staff retention. 

The Technology Exists 

Saying that there aren’t resources out there to facilitate remote working is no longer an excuse. There’s plenty of technology for you to utilise to save time and money. 

Most businesses have integrated some form of digital workspace since the pandemic. And if lockdown proved anything, it’s that conferences, interviews, workshops and client and board meetings can be successfully run online. 

While subscriptions to digital workspaces may come at a cost, this is an investment you’ll recoup in no time. You’ll be saving on commercial office rent, downtime and general expenses incurred by your staff visiting clients and moving around for meetings. And, of course, let’s not forget staff turnover. The more flexible your role, the more likely your team will stay.  

Is your firm present itself as an appealing employer both off and online? Start building your online presence to attract the best candidates.  

Greater Scalability 

If you’re like most firms, you’ll have plans in place to grow your business. And what better way to achieve those ambitious goals than with remote working? 

Remote working is the ideal instrument for adaptability and resilience. It allows businesses to easily scale up or down based on their development plans. You don’t have to worry about whether you have enough chairs, or your office location needs to change. Instead, you can focus your efforts on accelerating your business at the speed of your choosing.  

Whether you’re a practice that’s looking to enter new markets, establish a presence in a new location, or expand your service offerings, a remote team provides the agility required for such changes.  

It Will Win You Extra Business  

Remote working, or at least a hybrid version of it, is the future of public practice. 

As the years go by, accountancy will become more streamlined. Whether it’s because firms need to meet the needs of a burned-out workforce, protect the environment, or cut costs to avoid financial catastrophe during these times of economic uncertainty; remote working enables businesses to continue to exist.  

We’d also argue that remote working can help firms establish better relationships with clients. It’s true that sitting down with a client for a nice long lunch is personal and connecting. But honestly… does your client have time? Do you have time? For most of you, the answer will be no. 

In the future, business won’t be won by wooing a client with expenses via the best lunches and tickets to nice events. Tomorrow’s business will be won by firms who wow their clients with the best use of technology and speed to deliver a truly excellent level of service. Modern clients want to get their work done efficiently so that they can switch off and enjoy their personal lives – and remote working is the perfect way of achieving that status quo. 

And there we have it – the reasons why your firm should consider switching to a remote working policy to fill those perpetually empty roles.  

While it may have seemed that remote working was a temporary fix during the pandemic, it’s now evolved into part-and-parcel of modern working culture. By embracing remote working, firms can position themselves as forward-thinking, adaptable, and competitive within the rapidly changing public practice landscape. Updating your working policies will give you more scope to find top talent, scale your business, and keep your team happy by providing a good work-life balance. 

How has your firm adapted to remote work? Or are you looking to implement a remote working policy, but you’d like some expert advice from a trusted recruitment agency?  

Here at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we’re working with many exceptional candidates who are interested in remote working. So, when it comes to hard-to-fill roles, we encourage our clients to reconsider their working arrangements by showing them the benefits of remote and/or hybrid working.  

Get in touch with our team today to find out more.  


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