Bonfire at night

Remember, remember …

Guy Fawkes and the role of accountants.
Yes – there is a link!

Just as it’s common practice to complain about Christmas starting way too early, so it goes with Bonfire Night.  Each year, we’re barely into October and rogue firework fanatics are setting off rockets and fire-crackers.  Don’t believe me?  Ask my Cocker Poodle – if, that is, you can persuade him to emerge from behind the sofa.  It’s not as though we need extra reminders of the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot.  After all, who didn’t have the rhyme drummed into them at Primary School

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot

‘To discourage the others’

We don’t know who originally composed the rhyme.  However, we do know that it was written in 1606, as part of King James I and Parliament’s desire to permanently etch the memory of the heinous mass assassination plot into the nation’s consciousness.  As a way of discouraging future gunpowder plotters, the rhyme seems to have done the trick.

And here comes your accountancy link.  Ask your clients, particularly SMEs and solo-professionals, what they most value about their relationship with you – what aspect of your role they most value.  Somewhere in the top three, you’re certain to hear the words, ‘to remind me’.

‘To remind me when my next VAT payment is due.’

‘To remind me about my self-assessment obligations’

‘To remind me about the new PAYE regulations – and when I’m supposed to apply them’

A timely nudge

Competition in the accountancy sector is on the increase.  Accountants can no longer sit quietly in the background, biding their time until their clients ask for help with their annual statutory tasks.  In order to survive and flourish, accountants have to be ever more pro-active – walking alongside their clients, giving them a timely nudge about each up-coming deadline.

So, think about using each accountancy deadline as a way of keeping yourself permanently in the forefront of your clients’ minds.  Give them a call.  Write them an email or a newsletter.  Even go old-school and send out a postcard.  Nobody minds the occasional reminder.  In fact, they’re usually grateful for the courtesy.

The depth and breadth of our knowledge of the accountancy sector is unrivalled.  It’s our niche and our passion.  If in any doubt as to the best route to recruitment success, call us.  We’d love to hear from you.

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