Relocation, relocation, relocation

Have you written off amazing jobs in accountancy as they are too far from home?

In this blog we’d like to invite you to re-consider the constraints you put on yourself when home remains the place where you’ve always been.

Our significant experience in placing talented accountants with fantastic firms up and down the country means that we’ve seen and assisted with our fair share of relocations and we always take the time to keep in touch with recently placed candidates to ensure that the change is working out for them. And in those instances where an accountant has moved home in order to accept an exciting new opportunity, we’re pleased to report that in the vast majority of cases, the move was the best thing they ever did!

So why might a talented accountant in a settled job in the same area of the country that they’ve always been, consider upping sticks for something new?

First and foremost how attractive does a clean slate sound? The opportunity to start afresh and reinvent yourself both professionally and personally doesn’t come around often in a lifetime. But sometimes starting out again in a new part of the country with a new firm can be just what you need to inject a bit of energy, purpose and vibrancy into your life.

If things get just that bit too easy, at work and at home, that’s the time when people start to take life for granted and to become cynical about all of the privileges afforded to them. Many accountants thrive under pressure and the desire to create a name for yourself at a new firm of accountants and to establish a new community around you can really make life feel full and exciting if that’s the way your personality is wired.

You’ll also acquire some serious new skills and learn to push the boundaries of your confidence. It’s not easy starting life from scratch but it will certainly push you into doing things you may have found uncomfortable in your previous life in a place that’s always been familiar.

But, though you’re the only person who can reach out and build new communities, fortunately in the digital age it’s much much easier to find out about what’s going on in your new area or to connect professionally with potential new colleagues or clients through mediums such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

And why would you not want to have as many friends and meaningful professional connections as possible over the course of a lifetime? Relocation gives you the opportunity to inject some fresh energy into your life but it also helps you build the kind of attitude where you realise that everything can change if you want it to, and this realisation can have a huge impact on your outlook.

If you’re looking for a fresh new start, a firm job offer can often be just the catalyst you need to take that deep breath and dive into something new and exciting.

‘It’s safe to say that noone ever changed the world or achieved their dreams by sitting tightly inside their comfort zone but we also understand that relocating for a brilliant new job is a lot to take on. That’s why we’re always delighted to tell our candidates about the wealth of support that they can often access when it comes to moving across the country for a job in accountancy. Our most foward thinking recruiting firms will definitely want to support you to move if you’re just the right person to compliment their team, so don’t write the option off if you’re frightened by the change and the cost that you perceive to be a barrier.’

Garry Howling, MD

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re currently showcasing the North East of England as an exciting, up and coming and rapidly growing area of the UK to relocate to.

We’re excited to have several interesting opportunities with firms who are willing to support the right people for their team in the process of relocation.

We’re looking for an Accountancy Partner in Newcastle upon Tyne, a Tax Partner Designate in Durham and an Audit Senior in Darlington to name just some of the exciting roles on offer! If the North East of England is an area you’d be excited to explore roles in accountancy, then there has never been a better time to reach out for a confidential chat with one of our team. Email us on today.


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