Preparing for Partnership

If you have a lot of accountancy experience, you may be looking towards Partnership. But how will you know the time is right?

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’ve supported a lot of accountants right through their careers, finding them their entry level jobs all the way through to the pinnacle roles of their careers…. Partnership. We also work with a lot of firms on a retained basis to scan the horizon for their next Partner as part of their ongoing succession planning and organisational strategy.

What does that all mean? Well it means we’re well placed to recognise an accountant who is ready for Partnership and we thought some of you might find it helpful to know the signs we look out for.

Let’s start off with your professional experience to date.

Before you start looking for Partner or Partner Designate roles you’ll need to be fully qualified, have a number of years of practice experience, and be able to showcase a career history of technical expertise in your field of accountancy.

Your communication skills will be second to none and you’ll have plenty of examples of how you’ve effectively managed people to achieve great things. You’ll also be able to talk strategy and be at a point in your career where you can really see things from a high level perspective. You’ll need to understand the finer details of practice and how the cogs fit together to ensure a slick business machine that’s capable of growth.

But what personal qualities should a potential Partner possess? 

When you’re at the point of your career where becoming a Partner or a Partner Designate is a very realistic goal for you, you’ll be confident and mature enough to be fully accountable for your decisions and to hold others to account. You’ll be able to prioritise and to see potential in others. The fact that you’re reading this will suggest that you’re ambitious, which will be important, but so will loyalty, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude and energy that will inspire others.

And in our experience what’s the secret ingredient for success as a Partner?

Partners and Partner Delegates are the true leaders in practice. And the greatest skill a leader can possess is the ability to be decisive and adapt in the face of change. Being offered a role as Partner or Partner Designate doesn’t mean you can never make the wrong professional decision, but it does mean you can never not make a decision. Great firms require great leaders to help them find the pathway to growth and success.

“It’s safe to say that the last twelve months have really showcased which firms have the best Partner level leadership. The world of accountancy needs to evolve like all aspects of business, in order to keep up with changes in how we live and work around the globe and one of the most exciting parts of my job is seeing that spark of readiness in the eyes of potential Accountancy Partners. We know when we spot someone who is ready and we have roles just waiting for them to fill.”

Garry Howling, MD, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

For an honest appraisal of your readiness for Partnership call us for a confidential chat on 03335 777 787 or upload your CV here and we’ll be in touch to arrange a call. If we think you’re ready and you think you’re ready then we’ll have a green light to placing you in your dream role as Partner and ending the year on a serious high!

Found this interesting? Why not read What It Really Takes to Make Partner to found out more on the topic.


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