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‘Out of the box’ thinking irritates accountants

We’ve all been sat around a meeting-room table when someone starts dropping in acronyms and ‘out of the box’ thinking comments – and it turns out that it’s generally irritating all of us, including accountants, and not good for business.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we hear all the reasons why accountants want to leave a business, and we’d like to use this information to create better working environments.

A recent survey from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) found that there are many phrases being used that annoy co-workers, and likely accountants too, and they cause unnecessary friction in the workplace.

‘Going forward’

Other phrases that had steam coming out of nostrils included ‘going forward’, which was closely accompanied by ‘let’s touch base’.

It all points to the need for Ronseal talk – just say it how it is and avoid irritation. Charles Elvin, chief executive of the ILM, said: “When office-based teams work in close proximity for long periods of time, we see that seemingly trivial issues can grow disproportionately, if left unchecked, and begin to cause upset and resentment.”

The Plain English Campaign

Chrissie Mahler, founder of the Plain English Campaign, said that there is a serious side to the irritation and overused jargon could be holding British businesses back.

“Management speak gets in the way,” she said. “It acts as a barrier to procuring new business.

“It does two things – it isolates newcomers who feel they have to learn the lingo when they should be made to feel at home, and it gets in the way of business and finds its way onto forms, leaflets and official documents.”

It’s a habit

We are all guilty of using some annoying phrases, they fall out of the mouth out of habit, and like any other habit, they can be broken.

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