Nominate An Accountant competition

Nominate your Accountancy Unsung Hero

Do you know a COVID hero accountant?

You probably don’t think of your accountant when you hear the word superhero. You probably don’t see them in the same bracket as a key worker or one of the incredible NHS workers who have kept us all safe and well these last few months. Nor would we expect you to.

But that doesn’t mean that many of them haven’t been working their absolute socks off in difficult circumstances these last few months and it doesn’t mean that they are not worthy of our praise and thanks for protecting, as far as they possibly can, the financial health of our businesses and our economy.

Back in February most accountants will have been enjoying the occasional 5pm finish and weekend free from keeping up with client submissions after the silly season that is the run up to the January self-assessment deadline. Then the end of the fiscal year means work picks up again and then BOOM! – the tsunami of personal and client anxiety that is COVID-19 hits.

Nobody knows what will happen as all non-essential services are placed into a mandatory and immediate lockdown. But if you’re a business owner and you’re panicking, you likely contacted your accountant.

And then Rishi Sunak announces the furlough scheme. You might employ staff and you might be relieved to hear that they, at least, won’t go without a salary. But you don’t really know what furlough means, let alone how to claim it. So you contact your accountant.

Then comes news of the grants and self employed benefit scheme. For many of you a deep sigh of relief. But what does it mean and how do I get my hands on it? Best contact your accountant.

Then maybe there’s the realisation that you’re a company director and you’ve slipped through the net. Surely there must be some help available? I know….. I’ll contact my accountant.

Except your accountant has also never experienced anything like this. They are also working out how this all works and spending every waking hour (that they are not looking after their staff, colleagues or perhaps managing without childcare) researching how to make life financially bearable for you. And for some of us (many we hope), they came through. They figured it out and they processed our furlough or they sent us guides about how to make claims. They circulated details about localised grants and they cared about the viability of our businesses when no-one else did.

So we think they’re heroes.


‘The COVID-19 crisis has really showcased the importance of trusting a brilliant firm of accountants as a small or medium sized business owner. Never has industry knowledge combined with an incredible work ethic and an ability to stay cool under pressure mattered so much and we know there are some outstanding examples of first class accountants out there to whom we want to say thank you!’

Garry Howling, MD, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

We’re on the lookout for one such accountant and whether you have one supporting your business or you’re lucky enough to work alongside one (perhaps you manage them or they are a colleague) we want you to nominate them today to win a very special prize – some well deserved R&R!


We asked Garry why he chose to offer the winner of his latest competition a £300 voucher for the luxury boutique travel company, Mr and Mrs Smith.

‘The one thing we all miss the most is our friends and families and right behind that comes the freedom to travel and get away to somewhere that we can switch off, relax and refuel. We don’t know when we’ll be able to do it again but we know the time is coming and offering a deserving accountant the prize of some headspace and luxury care and attention in the form of a staycation seemed fitting. We’re really excited to pick a winner but we fear it will be a hard choose!’


So whether you work for, or with an accountant who has been an amazing support to you and your clients, or you’re a small or large business owner who would have been lost over the last few months without the support of your accountant…… nominate an accountant you’re grateful for.

All you have to do is email with your name, address and job title as well as the name and email address of the accountant you’d like to thank, no later than midnight on Friday the 7th August. To aid our decision making we also need to know why you think they’ve been such a support during the last few months.

If you’d also like to share the competition on your social media we’d be thrilled!

We’ll also assume that anyone emailing in is happy to be added to our mailing list for top tips on sourcing the very best accountancy roles or getting the very best candidates to interview. If that’s not the case do please let us know.

The lucky winner will be notified by email the week commencing the 10th August.

To be sure that your accountant is well supported in practice, do point them in the direction of our resources page where we have an abundance of great content to support their wellbeing and professional development.


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