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New year – new resolution – new job?

New year – new resolution – new job?

So.  January 2019.  Have you jotted down your New Year resolutions?  Have you resolved to –

  • Go to the gym regularly (once every three weeks doesn’t count)
  • Work late no more than two evenings a week
  • Not even think about Brexit till 9.00 a.m. every day
  • Look for a new job in accountancy?

If the last item on the list resonates with you, then what will your strategy be?  What’s the best, most effective way to find the perfect accountancy job to match your goals for 2019?

Unsurprisingly, you’re not alone.  You’re not the only one to have spent the festive break mulling over your options, perhaps discussing them with those close to you, and then deciding that now’s the time to take the new job plunge.  According to jobs website, Indeed, in recent years, the number of British people seeking fresh employment has leapt by around 65% in January, compared with the other months of the year.

Be inspired by the competition

Don’t be put off by a busy market.  Instead, be inspired.  What’s that expression?  ‘Always go shooting when the ducks are flying’.  January is a great time to job-hunt, precisely because many others are of the same mindset, especially the other half of the recruitment equation – the accountancy recruiters.

Since re-opening after Christmas, to describe the PPR phones as ‘hot’ would be an understatement.  Accountancy practices have hit the New Year running, flooding us with demands for new candidates.  The pressure is now on for us to find them the perfect match – quickly.

So now, it’s over to you.  Take a look at these guidelines on how to give you a head start against your fellow job-seekers.  In our next blog, we’ll look at interview techniques to give you the all-important edge.

  1. Take the long view – Don’t obsess about what you want ‘now’.  Look ahead.  Successful careers are rarely the consequence of happy accidents.  They’re usually planned.  Think about where you’d like to be a few years down the line and look for jobs that are most likely to get you to that place.
  2. Be on the ball – While your competitor candidates are still waking up bleary-eyed to the reality of the New Year, you need to be out of the starting blocks.  Get in touch today –
    – Complete our submission form.
    – Upload your CV
    – Call us on 0333 577 7787

Tell us about the role your targeting and we’ll get on the case.

  1. Give your CV a spring clean – Don’t let it sound the same as all the others – spouting the familiar stuff about your massive experience, what a great team-player you are and how you’re ’passionate’ about what you do.  We’re not saying you should be ‘salesy’.  But be upbeat and honest about your qualities.  As Macbeth said, ‘be bloody, bold and resolute’.  After all, what do you have to lose?
  2. Write about your values – In your covering letter that accompanies your CV, take a little time to write about your values and how they might match the culture and ethos of the target company.  Write about your ‘why’ – what drives you to aim for success in the workplace.  You’ll come across, not just as someone who’s ‘interested’ in a job, but someone who’s ‘interesting’ as an individual.
  3. Avoid a one-size-fits-all CV – Make sure your CV doesn’t come across as a copy/paste job, sent out to dozens of different companies.   Your CV should look bespoke, aimed directly at your target company  This will put you well ahead of your competitor job seekers.  Explain too how, with each of your employers, you’ve made a difference.  Give specific examples, backed up with figures.  Don’t just say, “I massively improved client retention’.  State by how many percentage points the company’s retention rate improved.
  4. Hobbies and interests – Again – make sure you stand out.  Don’t just put ‘going to the cinema’ and .socialising’.  Try to get across how valuable it will be for the company to have you around as a colleague.
  5. Be honest about gaps in your CV – If there are significant career gaps or positions where you’ve only stayed for a few months, don’t gloss over them.  In your covering letter, be straightforward.  Use terms such as, ‘the role didn’t fit my skill-set.’  Be prepared to discuss these ate the interview.
  6. LinkedIn – make sure your profile is right up-to-date … and keep the sections relevant to the role you’re going for.  This is one of the first places your prospective employer will look, so make sure settings are such that anyone can view your details.

Look out for our next bog, where we give you hints and tips on the next stage of your New year job hunting strategy – interview techniques and how to make them work for you.

We’re specialist recruiters in the accountancy sector and, as such, are perfectly placed to advise and support you in your quest for new employment.  Give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you.

Telephone – 0333 577 7787

Email –

Or complete our submission form.


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