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Need Accountants Now?

Your quick-fire guide to recruiting emergency staff.

As a hiring manager we know you’d like to think that things won’t ever go wrong and that if they do, your contingency, disaster and succession plans will click into place showcasing the brilliance of your operational management skills.

But if the last eighteen months has taught us anything it’s that S*%t happens! And even the very best managers and Partners in accountancy sometimes find themselves in a position where they need staff and they need staff now.

So if that’s not you today, make sure you save this blog post for the day that it just might be. You really never know when you might come to need our quick-fire guide to recruiting emergency accountants.

Step One: Call in the experts.

With some HR experience and knowledge most accountancy managers can have a good go at managing a non-emergency recruitment process on their own. It will take them a lot of time that they may not have, but they’ll more than likely manage to find a decent selection of accountants to shortlist, interview and then appoint and hopefully they’ll follow best practice so that they don’t find themselves in any recruitment hot water when it comes to legalities and the Equality Act.

But when you’re in disaster mode, it’s definitely the time to be reaching out for help. You’re likely to be fire fighting the workload of the firm itself so you’ll definitely not have the time or headspace to lead and deliver a recruitment project.

Working with a dedicated accountancy recruiter like us will save you time, money and stress in both the short and the longterm.

Step Two: Plug the Gap.

In an emergency situation your clients will notice the difference in service very quickly and you and your chosen recruiter will need to look at how to fill critical gaps immediatley to ensure your reputation and service delivery isn’t broken beyond the point of repair.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we have a vast bank of accountants looking for interim or short term contracts who are ready and waiting to help keep your business afloat. You won’t need to tempt these people with big long term promises of development or added employee value benefits and you’ll find that accountants who choose to live a professional life of interim contracts know how to hit the ground running. You should expect to pay more, but this is a short term solution to buy you time and retain your client list.

Step Three: Pause.

With emergency interim staff in place, take a moment to catch your breath and rest. Long term staffing decisions made in haste are rarely good ones. And though no decision in accountancy is ever irreversible you’ll want to take a look at what caused the emergency staffing situation and use it as an opportunity to really check how well your organisational structure has been serving your firm.

This is absolutely something a great recruiter can help you with and it’s something we’re well versed in at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. We have our fingers on the pulse of the market and we’re perfectly positioned to help you find the right people to make your firm future proof.

And out of the ashes often comes positive and sustainable change, so whatever your disaster was, make sure something good comes out of it.

Step Four: Implement your long term plan.

Put together a leading set of brand values and think about your employee value benefit. Then create winning job adverts and job descriptions, advertise in the right places, shortlist the very best talent and ask all of the right questions at interview. Then appoint, onboard and nurture your new team. Whilst making sure that anyone who already works for you is being well looked after.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? It’s an even bigger job when you consider the legal requirements for making sure you’re being inclusive, checking applicants’ rights to work and are an ethical employer.

But don’t worry, we’re still here to help.

“Some of our proudest moments as a recruitment firm have been when we’ve taken clients from a moment of blind panic when something unexpected has happened, to a time when they have an efficient, happy and cohesive team in place who all work hard to create a great level of service and a profit to get excited about. That’s where clients really reap the benefits of our experience and sector specific knowledge.”

Garry Howling, MD

And of course Step Five: Reap the reward.

We’ll leave that to you to do alone. After all, you will thoroughly deserve it!

In a staffing emergency you’ll want to trust the very best recruiters out there. Trust Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. Call us on 03335 777 787 or email



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