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Managing Men’s Mental Health and Bullying In The Workplace

Bullying in the Workplace

This month, the Mental Health Foundation is focussing on men’s mental health. And we’d like to talk about bullying in the workplace and the taboo of how men are very often affected. 

With Priti Patel in the headlines this month for alleged bullying within the home office, it’s clear that anybody could be the victim, or perpetrator, of bullying at work. 

An inquiry into the allegations found that Patel had “not consistently met the high standards required by the ministerial code of treating her civil servants with consideration and respect”.

Have you ever felt bullied at work? 

ACAS define bullying quite simply as behaviour of a person or group that’s unwanted and makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Disrespect or bullying might present itself as:

  • A false rumour being spread about you
  • Being excluded from social events
  • Consistently being put down in front of others
  • Being given a heavier workload than everyone else

As many of us are working from home, it’s also important to recognise that bullying can be carried out over social media, email and telephone calls.

As a man, you might not feel you can speak openly about your emotions if this is happening to you. You could feel that you need to be strong and in control. This isn’t a bad thing, but research shows that coping methods such as alcohol are often sought by men in this situation. And even more worryingly, if bullying leads to depression – suicide rates in men are three times higher than in women.  

The National Bullying helpline has seen a surge in calls from men reporting being bullied by a female boss. If you’re a man being bullied at work, please don’t allow masculine stereotypes to prevent you from seeking help and support. Your feelings are just as valid as a woman’s, and you are just as entitled to raise the matter formally as your female co-workers. 

Here’s our tips for managing bullying in the workplace

  • Read up on your companies’ grievance and disciplinary policy
  • Keep a diary
  • Speak to a work mate or friend
  • Do not confront the perpetrator
  • Speak to your manager
  • Make sure all conversations are documented
  • Focus on your breathing if you feel anxious at work
  • Seek advice from the National Bullying Helpline

We know that a number of factors could lead to you being unhappy at work. Sometimes, leaving a toxic environment for a fresh start can be the only solution for your mental health. If you want to work for a more nurturing practice, with a fun and caring team – then please let Public Practice Recruitment Ltd help you with your search. 

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