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Making A New Love Work With A New Job

Love and Accountancy – Here’s the Lowdown on Valentines Day

The shops are already flooded with slushy cards and huge heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. And we bet your inbox has started to fill with Valentine’s Day inspiration. But during the February lovefest, please spare a thought for others. No, not the singles! Those star-crossed lovers who can’t be together on the most romantic day of the year.

We were surprised to learn that 12% of all couples are in a long-distance relationship. That’s a lot of people racing up the motorway on Friday 14th! A fair bit of money being spent on expensive flowers to be sent abroad. And quite a few sad people ordering a takeaway for one and wishing they could be snuggled up with their loved one, rather than a lamb bhuna!

The great news is that if you decide that enough is enough, and no job is worth the agony of being separated from the one you love – finding a new accountancy post isn’t as hard as you may think.

Have a look at our guide to relocating for love.

Ok, so you’ve decided to uproot and move. You can’t be apart for a moment longer. Totally exciting, romantic and brilliant! But let’s think this through before you make any big decisions.

Manage your expectations – A long distance job search may be a lengthy one. Be prepared to wait. Please don’t rush into accepting the first job offered. It may well be easier to find a new job once you’ve relocated but could be unsettling and cause extra stress in your relationship. Much better to move for an amazing long-term position and hit the ground running. Spend the first few months together in your little love bubble rather than a job you aren’t happy in.

Research your new area – Understand the job market – are your skills in demand, what is the salary for someone at your level, is there a niche industry, what are the travel costs to work going to be? And just like any other job search, do some research into the industry and the background of the company you apply to. Some managers may have reservations about employing an out of towner – they might question your commitment and stability. But if you can show that you know your new location and you have a clear understanding of the company and the area, it will hold you in good stead. Act as if you already belong.

Prepare for long-distance interviews – Don’t be scared to be upfront about your reasons for relocating. Any decent employer will find this interesting and a good way of getting to know you when this conversation comes up. Also, practice your virtual interview skills. Doing Skype and telephone interviews are a whole different ball game to traditional face to face interviews. Think how much harder it’s going to be to sell yourself when you’re not there in person. And how you’re going to decide if you’ll be happy working there when you can’t sense the vibe and see the office environment. Ask a friend (or the love of your life) to role play with you until you have it nailed.

Build your network – Spend some time chatting to people who know the industry in your new area (like us). We’ll be familiar with the firms in your area and always have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to who is recruiting for what and when. Get registered and we’ll do the networking for you.

Accept compromise – If both you and your partner are relocating to a new city, there’s twice as much excitement. But be prepared for twice the stress too. Compromise is a key factor here. Weigh up the practicalities, go on fact-finding trips together to each get a feel for new places and have open and honest communication about what you both want and need. Be willing to see things from your partners point of view, but also stand your ground on things that are important to you. You want to start your new life together on an equal footing. A face to face conversation is always best when communicating about something as huge and emotive as this. We all know that texts and emails may be interpreted incorrectly. You want to ensure you get your box of chocolates this year, and not be diverted to voicemail!

Ask for help – If you’re moving to the place where your partner already lives, they should be only too pleased to approach their network of colleagues, friends and family. Ask them to put the feelers out for you. And if this isn’t successful and you want to make life even easier – get the professionals in! A specialist recruitment agency will have connections with all of the top businesses in the area. They’ll know your industry, have insider knowledge on new roles and will do all of the leg work for you. Won’t that be a relief? Just sit by the phone, wait for the interviews to roll in, sparkle at your interview and accept the position that excites you most!

Garry Howling of Public Practice Recruitment Ltd says, “Some of our candidates look to change roles because they want to keep a professional distance from their partner, and not continue to work for the same company. We can help here too. We’ve lots of experience helping candidates whatever their reason for wanting to switch roles.”


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