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Love Means Love – In Accountancy Too

February is LGBT+ History Month

And at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd it’s the month where we celebrate love and the love that our colleagues, employees, managers, friends and families have for anyone who is special in their lives. But here’s a few reasons why it’s particularly important to understand the history of the LGBT+ campaign and why there’s never been a more important time to spread the word that Love Means Love – regardless of who you love (or indeed don’t!)

  1. History Matters – in order for the world to become a more diverse place to live and work it’s important that we all take time to understand our prejudices, whether they be blatant or more subtle and by studying the history of our prejudices we can form a clearer picture of how generations come to behave and believe in certain ways. The official home of the LGBT+ History Month campaign highlights people in history who have played an instrumental part in fighting for the cause each year as well as the evolution of modern attitudes towards sexual diversity.
  2. Knowledge is Power – most of us (thankfully) understand that all people deserve to be treated equally in all aspects of life, regardless of their age, religion, race, gender or sexual preference. But one step on from standing alongside people in a minority group is taking the time to understand how hard the fight has been for them. For instance did you know that in Nazi concentration camps anyone who wasn’t heterosexual was made to wear a pink triangle badge of shame?
  3. By educating ourselves we stop the spread of misinformation. Mud sticks, whether there’s any truth in it or not and many people of all generations have inaccurate beliefs when it comes to the facts around sexuality. If you’ve not already seen it, be sure to watch It’s a Sin on Channel 4 on Demand. An incredible drama about a group of friends in 1980s England. It shows how fear became the dominant emotion that the population used to respond to the AIDs epidemic amongst gay men. It’s a fabulous but sad story about friendship, love and family but also paints a very damning picture of prejudice in relatively recent history.
  4. To ensure that things only get better – by taking the time to understand the history of how a group of people have been persecuted we will make a stand to ensure that the future gets brighter and brighter for this group of people.
  5. Because understanding and tolerance inspires others to stand up for themselves – by taking a moment to understand the history of LGBT+ you’ll be inspiring future generations who feel like their careers or their choices might be hindered by their sexuality, that they have the right to all opportunities and should fight for them. Even better that they know that you’ll fight alongside them.

In 2018, Stonewall reported that 35% of LGBT+ people in the UK don’t choose to reveal their sexuality within the workplace for fear of discrimination. Still far too many. Diversity and Inclusion should be a huge part of all recruitment and ongoing HR processes within accountancy firms and here at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’ve worked alongside some of the very best employers and can help firms really integrate diversity and inclusion into their daily practice.

‘At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we take great pride in studying the history of all minority groups that we know play a valuable part in some of the very best accountancy teams we’ve seen around the country. But we know there’s still work to do and that’s why we’re always on hand to advise both clients on diverse recruitment strategies and candidates on overcoming unconscious bias. Together we can reduce that 35%.’

Garry Howling, Managing Director, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

To work with a specialist accountancy recruiter who values diversity and inclusion and has a proven track record of matching talented accountants with top firms, regardless of gender, sexual preferences, age, race or religion, contact us today on



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