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Leadership Lessons – Get Your Workforce Motivated

As we start a great new week in accountancy we thought we’d support senior leaders in motivating their teams to achieve ultimate productivity, profitability and make your workplace a happy one.

We all get that Monday feeling from time to time. It’s usually worse in the summer when weekends are jam packed with social events, particularly in these few precious post lockdown months.

And as a leader in an accountancy firm sometimes you’ll realise that your team needs, what we affectionately call in our office, a rocket up the bum!

Here’s some inspiration for any of you looking for quick and easy ways to turn your workforce from slovenly snails into energiser bunnies, no caffeine or sugary drinks required!

Get your accountancy staff motivated!

Start by sharing successes. 

Share some client feedback, news, facts or figures about how well you all performed the week or month before. Big everyone up and let them know that, as a team you believe in them and are proud of them. This will inject some positivity into the workplace before the week has even begun. End your praise with a challenge to do even better this week and see how this impacts their drive and the atmosphere in the physical or virtual workspace.

Take a look around you.

If you’re in an actual office, is your environment clutter free and conducive to effective work? If not get everyone to join you in a twenty minute tidy up. The process of getting up and about and moving together will wake everyone up and, when done, everyone will feel less distracted and better able to concentrate.

If you’re all working from home then ask everyone to do two things to improve their workspace. Ask them to send you a before and after picture and you can all chat about what you’ve done on a quick team catch up. There’s likely to be laughs as you admire each other’s home decor and again the act of getting up and moving will liven up everyone’s state of mind.

Consider the week ahead. 

What little bits of fun and energy can you inject into your team’s week to add some excitement and energy to a routine they may be getting too used to. Is a team lunch a possibility? Or a walk one evening (the night’s are so light now.) If everyone is working in different areas of the country can you send them all a mail order brownie to enjoy together on a virtual tea break one afternoon?

Is this a regular problem?

As a manager it’s your job to be proactive and be the first person to recognise patterns or repeated periods of low motivation and bad habits.

Is one member of staff consistently to blame? Are they bringing the tone of the week down across the team? If so you may find that your problem isn’t how to motivate the team, it’s how to performance manage one team member.

Or perhaps your working weeks are set up in a way that isn’t conducive to a great start. Are you asking your team to submit important information or issuing deadlines that fall on a Monday? Does everyone arrive feeling stressed before they’ve even sat down? Sometimes a simple change is all that’s needed to give the working week in practice a better sense of flow.

Is there a risk of burnout?

If your attempts to bring some energy into the team are scoffed at, or you find that your staff are negative and un-motivated on a weekly basis and there’s no one issue to blame, chances are they just can’t keep up and are not enjoying their jobs as a result.

In this instance you have a short period of time in which to analyse your organisational structure and figure out what the missing link is before you have to deal with issues such as extended periods of sick leave, high numbers of resignations and poor mental health amongst your employees.

Taking on more staff may seem like a cost you can’t bear but the repercussions of consistent poor motivation in accountancy will cost you far more than a new salary in the long term.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re used to offering our clients advice on how to reduce burnout and offer employee value benefits that drive motivation and happiness at work. We ‘re also firm believers in the effectiveness of this exercise and we’ve seen first hand the results it can have on the firm’s bottom line. Spend more on great people and earn more in great fees.

If you’d like to find out more, email us today to set up a meeting at a time to suit you. And if you’ve enjoyed this read you may enjoy our other blogs in the Leadership Lessons series. Take a look at the links below.

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