Know when stress can be busted and when it can’t

That familiar feeling of tired, gritty eyes, a headache, and shoulders that feel like you have bench-pressed 100kg – stress. The question is, what can you do about it, and when is it time to change your role?

Understanding that stress can be due to work, your personal life or a combination of both is important, as it will help you to understand what changes you can make.

First of all, try stress-busting tips from the NHS:

  • Be active – It reduces emotional intensity.
  • Take control – Empower yourself to find a solution.
  • Connect with people – A network of support.
  • Time for you – Do something just for you.
  • Challenge yourself – Set a new goal to achieve.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits – Reduce heavy reliance on alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.
  • Help others – Assisting others feels good.
  • Work smarter, not harder – Get organised and prioritise tasks.
  • Be positive – Be a glass half full person.
  • Accept the things you can’t change – Focus on the aspects you can change.

Changing your role

Handling stress in the workplace is a challenge, and even though there are some stress-busting techniques, sometimes it is time for a change in role.

This may seem extreme, but often roles evolve to more than you can give, and where employers do not listen to your business case for change – it is time to look elsewhere.

Don’t fall into the trap of walking into a similar business, with a similar role and similar problems. Before you start looking for a job, it pays to discuss what you like and dislike with a Public Practice Recruitment Ltd professional, so they can help you to find the best role for you.

Search for jobs in the accountancy field

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