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Keeping Quiet About Your Job Search

‘I’ve started to look for a change of job. Am I being disloyal?’

Let’s get this one out of the way from the very start. The answer is a resounding ’no’ – provided you’re sensitive and discreet about how you conduct your job search. Your career is not a marriage. When you accepted the offer for your current job, did you make vows declaring to stay in the role ‘for better or worse, till death do you part’? I don’t think so. Personal ambition, ethically handled, is an excellent attribute. All sensible employers understand this.

But, of course, it would be foolish to jeopardise your current or any future opportunities until you’re sure that a new role is right for you. If you’re certain that now is the time for a change, then here are 5 job search tips to help you find the next role, without causing ill-feeling with your current employer.

  1. Check internal openings

There could be any number of reasons for which you’re considering a change. If you’re unhappy in your work, it’s clearly perfectly reasonable to look around for alternative employment. (By the way, according to Gallup, 75% of employees decide to quit their job is because of their manager.) But the change doesn’t have to involve a move to another company. If you’re happy with your work environment, the company mission and the company culture, think about looking for internal vacancies before searching elsewhere. You’re clearly familiar with the company and, if you have the necessary transferrable skills, you could find yourself in pole position for a career change.

  1. Optimise your online profile

Where’s the first place that hiring managers are going to check you out? LinkedIn of course. Make sure you’re prepared – all your social media profiles must be complete and current. We wrote two recent blogs on this very topic – one on the importance of LinkedIn images. The other was about getting the words in your LinkedIn profile right. Make sure your personal summary and skills are up-to-date. Remember, to attach a sample of your work or relevant images or video. If relevant, post samples of your work or links to an online portfolio. Don’t be shy. Sell yourself. Your profile may be the first impression you make on a hiring manager.

Take time to clean up your other social media accounts. Use privacy filters and keep all of your content professional. Closely monitor your notification settings so colleagues and managers aren’t alerted to the changes you make.

  1. Keep your job search away from work

Don’t carry out your research or applications while you’re at work. Don’t use workplace office equipment to submit your applications. After all, many devices save files to internal servers that can be monitored. Anyway, it’s unethical to use your current employer’s resources and time to job hunt.

Don’t arrange job interviews for the middle of the working day. Your colleagues and manager will be suspicious if you disappear for private meetings in the middle of the day. Try to schedule your interviews around your working hours. Maybe, arrange a breakfast or lunch meeting. See if the hiring manager is happy to meet in the evening. If that’s not possible, use a day off for your interviews. Think carefully about your personal dress code. If you normally dress casually at work and suddenly turn up in a smart suit, you’re bound to attract attention.

Avoid subscribing to job alerts using your work email address. Receiving alerts to new roles that fit your job search is a great way to find a new role, but receiving these to your work email address isn’t the best idea. Use your personal email address so that you can conduct the application process discreetly from home.

Explain to prospective employers the importance of discretion. They would expect no different. If you possibly can, avoid using current colleagues as referees; you never know who they might tell.

  1. We’re here to help

From the very start of your job search, contact us! The benefits of connecting with a specialist accountancy recruitment agency are immense.

  • We can confidentially run a job search for you while you’re at work.
  • We’ll tap into our deep networks of contacts to uncover suitable vacancies – maybe ones that haven’t even been announced yet.
  • We’ll contact you as soon as a position arises that fits your career goals, skills, and salary requirements.
  1. Respect your current employer

Stay focused on your current job. It’s vital not to become distracted by the prospect of a new job. Even if you’re unhappy in your current role, always remember that you need to leave on a positive note.

When you do find a new job, it’s important to leave on good terms, with your manager and your colleagues. You need them to feel positive about your contributions to the Practice. You never know when you might bump into them again.

Would you like help in finding an accountancy position that will match both your career goal and your values? Are you looking for a new opportunity that will bring you greater job satisfaction? Then do call. We’re the accountancy recruitment specialists and we’d love to help.

Call 0333 577 7787.

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