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Find your next job in accountancy this December!

There’s definitely a buzz in the air at this time of year. Christmas parties, the prospect of a nice long break, snow causing its usual havoc. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking it’s probably best to park the job search until the year.

But here’s a little secret …while your competition has given up on grabbing the best jobs out there over December, you’re in prime position to swoop in and bag them for yourself.

Don’t be fooled. December is a great time to search for a job! Here’s 7 reasons why:

  1. We’ve already given you the first reason – reduced competition. Those not in the know, believe there’s little point applying for jobs at this time of year as most businesses are winding down. In fact, it’s arguably quite the opposite – as you’ll see when you read on. So, take advantage, let them get a head start on their Christmas shopping while you get to the top of the interview list.
  2. Another reason that December is such a good time to apply for a new job is that many practices have remaining budget which needs to be spent. A great deal of companies have a wish list of roles they’d like to fill that year – but they’re unsure if there’s enough budget to cover the salary. December arrives and if there is money left to spend, savvy companies are keen to bring on that vital extra member of the team.

69% of recruiters surveyed by ExecuNet said they place as many, or more, candidates in December as in any other month.

  1. A heavy workload all year round makes for an endless to do list for most. But with the Christmas break approaching, we don’t like the thought of those important jobs looming over us when we want to be relaxing at home. That’s another reason there is such a surge in roles over December. The purge of the to do list!
  2. It’s absolutely true, Christmas makes us all feel merry and bright! We’re a little more cheerful, generous and kind hearted. But while the spirit of Christmas won’t make jobs magically appear, what it will do is make interviews a little more relaxed, encourage a longer linger over your CV and perhaps make any negotiations touch easier.
  3. It’s not just new year which brings about change. You’d be surprised just how many people resign before the Christmas break. Many hold out for their festive bonus before flying the nest, and some want to have an extended break and start a new job in January. This leaves companies looking to fill hot positions in a hurry.


Garry Howling, Managing Director of Public Practice Recruitment Ltd says, “Many of our clients are more likely to consider a candidate who had been responsive during December than those who have gone off the radar. It can be frustrating as a recruiter as we often have some amazing roles to fill at short notice during December. Don’t believe the hype!”


  1. The office big wigs are less likely to travel during December and tend to be more office based. And if support staff are taking advantage of leave, it leaves the head honcho to answer their own calls. Great news if you want to make a good first impression on decision makers.
  2. Even if you don’t secure your dream job in December, don’t be disheartened. You’re still one step ahead of the job hunters who hang on until January to submit their CV’s. Stand out from the crowd before the flurry of applications in the new year arrive.


You can submit your CV to Public Practice Recruitment Ltd and search for a new role here today.

As specialist accountancy recruiters, we know how candidates think – how their minds work. When it comes to all aspects of the accountant recruitment process, we’re the experts – always here to help.

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