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Is your agency letting you down?

The role of a recruitment agency is a vital cog in the accountancy firm machine – where there are often a lot of vacancies and a limited pool of candidates who would like to move jobs.

The other challenge is the differing fee structure, reliability of candidate quality and the difference in professionalism within the recruitment industry – so how can you ensure you’re not let down by your recruitment agency?

How recruitment agencies work


Believe it or not, there are different schools of thought when it comes to recruitment fees. A recruitment agency may ask for a percentage of the final salary offered on the supply of a successful candidate. Alternatively, you may be given a choice to pay for finding someone or head hunting as it’s commonly known, on places on LinkedIn – this is not uncommon for very technical roles that require niche expertise. Then there’s the middle ground, which is a mix of both.

                What if the person doesn’t work out?

Some recruitment agencies offer to search and supply alternative candidates free of charge. However, there is usually an agreed period/probation. A refund may be offered where a replacement could not be found.

                Finding the best candidates

Recruitment agencies will have their own database of candidates registered with them who they have already met – particularly useful in the accountancy field as it can speed the recruitment process up. Jobs are often advertised on job sites, on social media, and the recruiter will search for registered CVs that reference the skills you need.

Find a recruitment business that understands your industry

Finding a recruitment agency that can get to know your business and act on your behalf can often result in a better relationship through understanding, which often means less work for you and a better-quality candidate pool.

Working with a dedicated accountancy recruitment partner can ensure that only the best talent is put forward and that package expectations can be met. There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to go through rounds of interviews only to find that expectations aren’t aligned.

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd is an established and experienced business that specialises in finding the most suitable candidates within the accountancy field. For more information, you can visit our website, call us on 0333 5777 787 or email


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