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Is ambition something to be ashamed of?

Accountants who are particularly ambitious crave a sense of achievement, recognition, status or reward.

And undoubtedly some level of ambition is necessary for the most basic kind of progression beyond the role of Junior Accountant or even to get qualified in the first place!

But today we’re asking the question, is an accountant’s ambition something they should be ashamed of or consider hiding as they progress through their career?

And as we type that question we realise this could be the shortest blog in the extensive resources library of Public Practice Recruitment Ltd (and we’ve written a lot!)

The answer is quite simply NO!

And now that we know that, let’s look at the bigger reason you may be reading this article today. Why are you feeling ashamed of your ambition and how can we help you embrace the fact that you’re motivated to achieve great things?

Let’s unpack ambition a little more. First things first, know that an accountant without any ambition at all is much more of a worry to us than one with too much! We all need motivation to get out of bed in the morning, let alone motivation to potentially lead a firm into the future or manage a diverse range of clients!

And as truly experienced recruiters in the niche world of acountancy, we’ve worked with some accountants from the start of their career right through to finding them the pinnacle roles of Partnership that will be their lasting professional legacies. The ones who glide up the stepladder to the top, are the ones who manage a healthy dose of ambition with leadership qualities, great technical skill and the magic ingredient; emotional intelligence that helps them to effectively channel their ambition the right way.

Therefore we’re of the opinion that the best way to banish shame about your ambition is to make sure you’re using it correctly!

Here’s the most important fact to get to grips with if you find yourself feeling a sense of shame when it comes to being ambitious.

You can still be a nice person, even if you’re ambitious! 

Swallow that and make sure that’s exactly what you want to be and you’ll find the shame dissipating already!

Next step, link your ambition to a goal that will create a benefit for you and to your society or community.

If you have an ambition to be earning six figures before you’re 35 that’s amazing. And if you believe that reaching that goal will make you better able to support yourself and your family, maybe be better able to contribute more to charitable causes or to help create jobs for others, then you can relax knowing you’re working towards a goal that everyone will benefit from.

Don’t be bashful when it comes to talking about your ambition.

Self believe is important and if you share your goals and dreams with those who are close to you, they’ll likely commit to helping you achieve them.

But get specific with your ambitions. Your loved ones will start to write your goals off as daydreams if you don’t show that you have a tangible plan in place to achieve them.

‘The road to someday leads to a town called nowhere’ is a well known quote that comes to mind! Telling your family that you’re driven to achieve Partnership status someday is very different to picking up the phone to speak with an accountancy recruiter like us and starting the conversation by sharing your target to make it to Partner in the next three years.

And opening up publicly about your ambitions doesn’t just make it more likely that you’ll achieve them, you may also find that those around you help you find the way in to your next professional step! After all opportunities arise more often, not from what you know, but who you know!

And if you know the team at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, you can certainly be sure that your ambition will find it’s way to fruition very quickly. Our database of recruiting accountancy firms is extensive and UK wide. We’re also experienced career counsellors and can support you to find the most direct journey from where you are now, to where you know you need to be. That might include a mixture of interim and permanent posts, all designed to offer you the most efficient method of obtaining skills, experience and contacts that will cumulatively lead you to your vision of success.

So no, do not be ashamed of your ambition, not for a moment!

To work with the very best in the accountancy recruitment sector email us at info@publicpracticerecruitment.co.uk. We’re excited to hear about where you’re headed!


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