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How To Recruit for Accountants in 2021

Looking to hire accountants in 2021?

It’s a fact, last year changed how you did business. And as an employer, you need to now assess where you are and what the future holds. You need a solid strategy, and that includes recruitment. 

The highlights of 2021, according to the CPA are:

  • 41% of senior managers say leadership communication is better now than it was before the pandemic
  • 37% think collaboration has improved
  • 31% feel like there has been substantial innovation over the past few months

Plus, there’s no doubt – accounting staff are in demand. All great news! But it makes hiring for talent in our industry even more competitive. And if you want to recruit and retain the best performers out there, you need to refine your recruitment strategy. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Salary isn’t enough – potential employees are looking for a strong Employee Value Proposition which includes benefits, culture, career development and flexible working.

Recruit the RIGHT people – it’s a challenging task, but by using a niche accountancy recruiter, you can find the right person, with the right skills. And do it much faster, easier and cost effective than attempting it yourself. 

Create attractive job descriptions – make it creative, compelling and personal and it will be a magnet to attract the best accounting professionals out there. Don’t forget to use social media to share your job description too. 

Be open minded – we all know that transferable skills are up there with qualifications and experience, so make sure you reflect that in your recruitment campaign. Show potential employees that inclusion and diversity is firmly on your agenda and that you welcome all strong applications. 

Invest in recruitment marketing – today’s accounting superstars will expect to find your website quickly, and easily tap into information about your company, your brand, culture and engage with your social media. This is no longer a nice to have. It’s key to the survival of your accountancy firm.  

If you’re looking to recruit accountancy professionals this year, speak to the experts at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. We understand that no two accountancy firms are the same and that you have completely unique and personal requirements when hiring for a role at your firm. 

“I will personally ensure that you are matched with the best person for the role you are filling. And I promise to exceed all of your expectations when doing so. Call me today on 03335 777 767 to tell me all about your business goals for 2021.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd


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