How to recover from a bad interview

So, you’ve just interviewed with a leading firm and your gut feeling is telling you it went terribly. You now feel like crawling under a rock and hiding from the rest of the world until you can overcome the embarrassment… Of course, you’ve probably overreacted and have most likely made it out to be worse than it really was, but if you really did crash and burn under pressure it’s okay, it happens to the best of us and you will recover!

For those of you thinking ‘what now?’ we have listed some valuable steps to help you shake off the post-interview blues and move forward. If you’re already working with our team at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd then you’ll most likely be aware of these following steps as we guide you throughout the interview process from start to finish, but for those of you who are yet to contact us for our help, we hope once you’ve read this you’ll make the right decision to recruit us to help find a firm to recruit you.

Regain control in the moment 
If you’re in the midst of the interview and recognise that things aren’t going to plan… don’t fret, instead try to regain control. This could be done in various ways; initially you could stop, have a sip of water to give yourself time to rephrase your answer, and ensure you cover all aspects of the question. However, if this doesn’t seem to work you could ask the interviewer your own question that is still on topic but gives you a moment to re-compose yourself while they answer it. The key is to not let a simple blunder leave you flustered. Don’t forget, it’s not over until it’s over!

Get Feedback 
If you are unable to rectify your mistakes during the interview here’s how we can help. As we work on your behalf, we act as the mediator between you and our client. This works really well as we’re usually able to attain concise feedback for you. Due to our outstanding rapport with all of our clients, it is likely that you will receive enough feedback to gain a clear understanding of the interview from their perspective, which will then help you know which areas are weaker than others. With this feedback, we can assist you with the next step.

Make a written evaluation
As hard as it may be, try not to let post-interview angst cloud your judgment. In order to recover from a bad interview, the first thing we recommend to do is evaluate the situation objectively. By working with us, after your interview we will have a frank conversation with you so you’ll be able to go through everything verbally. This will give you a defined idea of the areas you need to work on and which points you should write down for future reference. This list should include any misunderstood technical or competency based questions or other points you forgot to discuss during the interview.

Suggest a second interview 
At this point you have nothing to lose and depending on the reason why the first interview went so terribly, we may be able to talk to the interviewer and salvage the interview stage by suggesting a second meeting. This could be in a more relaxed setting over a cup of coffee or an interview with a different Partner or member of the team, either way, if they’ve agreed to meet you again then you didn’t completely ruin it so there’s still hope. During this meeting, remember to stay calm and use their previous feedback to reshape your answers and approach to the situation. Don’t let yourself be defined by a bad first interview, you’re better than that.

Prepare for the next one
A bad job interview is always a little disheartening, so it’s perfectly normal to feel reluctant to interview again but even bad interviews are good practice. If you ever want to interview well, it is imperative that you embrace the whole experience as it’s the only way to become a confident interviewee, which will result in you securing your dream position.

Let’s be honest, no one is perfect and interview slipups do happen- more often than people like to admit, but that’s life. Treat this as a learning opportunity for the future. Be sure to address your problems and stay confident in your abilities, after all your skills and attributes are what really matter so emphasise those in the interview and it will all work itself out. The worst thing you can do is become so consumed with a bad interview that you stay in a job you hate rather than seizing new opportunities. If you’re working with our team it’s likely that your new interview is closer than you’d perhaps like, but life goes on!

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