How To Motivate Your Accountancy Team

It can be really tough to keep your Accountancy Team motivated remotely.

But having an energetic, passionate and driven team is vital to any accountancy firm’s success. Without motivation, productivity falls, absenteeism and staff turnover rises and any chance of creativity and innovation is unlikely.

Alongside this, motivated, happy teams are likely to spread the word and your reputation as a great employer sky rockets – which is going to help significantly when recruiting. 

So, how do you motivate your team? And what’s important to your employees in 2021?

We know from our Happiness in the Workplace survey that:

Working for a company that prioritises wellbeing is more important than earning a higher salary. A whopping 40% strongly agreed. 

And 52% of the people we asked this year would be more likely to work for a company that had a wellbeing strategy. 

We also know from the latest figures in the Accountancy Firm EVP report we conducted, that 65% of you already know how important it is to have a strong Employee Value Proposition.

You can read more about How to Create a Successful Employee Value Proposition for your accountancy firm here. 

But what are the 5 key things you need to know about motivating your team today?

  • Accountants like goals, so find out what your team wants. To become partner, to niche in a specific industry or become more qualified?
  • Investment in reliable IT and robust systems is important to an accountant – especially when working remotely.
  • We also know that being able to participate in their organisations strategy is high on accountancy professionals wish list. Being part of the decision making process will keep motivation high. 
  • Accountants are not solitary number crunchers – they thrive on people, creativity and collaboration. Something to bear in mind with remote working accountants. 
  • And finally, the essence of any accountant is their integrity, trustworthiness and commitment to their clients. They want to be part of an organisation which reflects that. How can you show your existing and prospective employees that you care about your team, your clients, the sector and the wider community? 

“After many years in the accountancy recruitment field, I know what makes finance professionals tick. And together with the most recent research we have gathered – post COVID-19, we’re confident that as a company, we are more informed than most when it comes to employee motivation. That’s why you can rely on us when it comes to specialist knowledge of the accountancy industry.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

If you’d like some practical advice from the UK experts in accountancy recruitment, please get in touch with Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. Not only can we work with you to highlight your unique offerings to prospective candidates, but we also collaborate with our clients to help create a successful overall recruitment strategy. 

Whether you’re looking to fill a position for a Corporate Partner in London or a Partner Designate in Derby, or perhaps you’d like some advice on shaping and motivating your existing team – call us today on 0333 777 787.


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