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How To Make a Great First Impression In Your New Accountancy Job

First day in your new accountancy job!

And in 2021 it’s unlikely to be like any first day you’ve ever had before!

You might jump out of bed after a mixed night sleep due to nerves and excitement. Quick cuppa, into the shower, make yourself look presentable and it’s off on your commute…. oh wait, maybe not!

But don’t fret. The fact that you’ve clearly made a great impression via your online interview means that you’ll be just fine when it comes to making a great first impression in your new post. As always at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we thought we’d help you get prepared with some winning ideas for securing that great first impression in your new accountancy job, 2021 style.

Fix up. Look sharp.

Though you may discover, in time, that your workplace culture is one of baseball caps, t-shirts and trainers, do not, we repeat, do not adopt a super casual look on day one! Hopefully you will have been given some indication of your employer’s expectations when it comes to what is acceptable and a lot will depend on how much time you spend in a client facing situation, but first day at the very least…. a clean, ironed and smart button down shirt or blouse. Team them with your pyjama bottoms at your peril!

Make friends with the IT department.

In 2021, when working remotely, accountants are nothing without their IT setup. Make sure you’ve liaised with your manager in good time ahead of your first day and that you have received any new IT equipment ready to get established as soon as possible. It’s likely that you’ll spend at least part of your first day getting set up on your remote and cloud based systems and making friends with the people who can help you with your tech will be a brilliant investment in time! You’ll need them again without doubt!

Learn how your manager likes things done.

As you’re unlikely to be just down the hall from your manager it won’t be as easy to nip in and ask a quick question about how they like a certain piece of work submitted or what the process is for escalating an issue. So head into your remote induction with a really good list of questions and make detailed notes. The forethought will show that you care and take your on-boarding seriously.

Remember you’re the newbie.

Whether you’re a Partner or a Payroll Assistant it can be tempting to launch into a new role full of confidence and bravado. But no amount of sector experience with other firms will give you the knowledge about your company’s history and how they conduct their business on day one. We don’t want to encourage you to be a quiet mouse in the corner but do your best to be humble and ask your more experienced colleagues (even if they are your juniors) about any niche practice processes that you don’t know. This will not only ensure that you don’t make any foot in mouth style errors in your first weeks and months, but it will also show your colleagues, subordinates or superiors that you value what they have to say and will be a good part of the team.

Get time focused.

It’s always a great idea to be extra specially punctual when you start a new job. Your employers will want to see your enthusiasm and this is a really easy way to show it. But also make sure you’re right on top of your own time management and showcase to your new team that you’re super organised and can manage your workload in a sensible way. If you find yourself prone to distraction or procrastination consider using apps such as Forest or Rescue Time to keep you on track. Or consider the Pomodero method where you work without distraction for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. This is particularly useful for accountants who need to ensure such attention to detail.

Keep an organisation chart handy.

In a traditional workplace you’d get to know the roles and names of your colleagues pretty quickly as you chat in the corridor or while making a coffee. Not so remotely. So to save awkward conversations where you ask someone what their role is for the fifth time, keep a list close-by so you can accurately introduce, handover, escalate or designate, particularly on client calls.

And Relax….

The really hard part, getting the job, is done. Now that you’re in post everyone wants you to succeed, so try to relax, indulge in some small talk to start to cement some useful relationships and focus on providing a great standard of work. Now is not the time to be the star of the show.

For some of you reading, this may be one step ahead. If you’re yet to be offered the next exciting role of your career but are ready and waiting to jump ship to something new, remember that Public Practice Recruitment Ltd are the experts in placing accountants.

“If you’re watching friends and colleagues get excited about their first day in new roles and it’s giving you itchy feet, you really couldn’t choose a better time to pursue a new career adventure. The accountancy recruitment sector is booming and we have a range of opportunities nationwide for talented accountants at all levels. From Interim posts like this Audit Manager position in Plymouth right through to Partnership level positions like this role in Oxford we’re placing great accountants every single day and we can place you too. “

Garry Howling, MD

First steps towards securing the next level in your successful career in accountancy is to upload your CV today. And don’t forget we have plenty of other content on the site to help you secure your next role. Whether it’s support interviewing remotely or ideas on how to negotiate the best financial package, we’re here to help.



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