How to get noticed while you’re working remotely

Even before 2020, we were aware of the many benefits of working remotely.

But with millions of us working from home during the pandemic, how do you ensure you keep your career on the right path and not get overlooked? How do you climb the ladder when you can’t be seen?!

Here’s 10 ways!

  1. Make yourself known – From day one, just as you would in person – introduce yourself. Team members, management and anyone with a position you aspire to. Don’t just be a name on an email, put yourself in the spotlight. 
  1. Share your wins – Without going overboard, keep your manager in the loop about your accomplishments – either with a weekly email, at the team meeting or presented as something more formal. Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet. Loudly! 
  1. Offer to help – When there is a team struggling with a deadline, or you have a special talent outside of your normal role – offering to help will get you noticed. This can-do attitude is what helps you climb the ladder. It comes naturally to leaders. 
  1. Be forever learning – You should be constantly looking for opportunities to learn, develop and improve. And share your learnings with your team. As a remote worker, this is the difference between simply getting the job done and progressing your career. 
  1. Share your reviews – Had an email from a grateful client or colleague? A positive review from a customer? Forward it to your manager. Don’t hide the news that you’re an indispensable team member…let them know!
  1. Focus on building a relationship – A great tip we heard was to move away from your home desk to a different area of your house when you want to make a more personal connection. It will change your mindset, help you feel more relaxed and keep your focus on the person in question – without any work-related distraction. 
  1. Know what makes them tick – Got a meeting with your boss or someone you want to impress? There’s no harm in looking at their LinkedIn profile, or even their Insta! You’re not going to make a creepy statement about their last holiday! But it’s helpful to know someone’s personal motivations. 
  1. Build your personal brand – This is crucial for remote workers. Establish a message about who you are, what you stand for and what you’re good at. Then follow that up with evidence to support that. If you can do this, you’ll create your own group of internal advocates.
  1. Show your face Put that camera on for every Zoom and every speaking opportunity. Make your face the avatar for every social media profile. Grab every opportunity for an in-person event. Being highly visible and making the most of any contact with face to face time will ensure that people know who you are. 
  1. Initiate meetings – And finally, if you’re looking for a new role – make sure you get your recruiters attention with regular touch points. Make sure they know you’re still there. Send them updated versions of your CV and share any new information and personal successes. Show your value and not your need. 

When it comes to all aspects of the accountant recruitment process, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd are the experts – always here to help.

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