How to create an adaptable Accountancy team 

Accountancy Firms Need to Be Adaptable

It’s something you’ve always needed from your workforce, but in 2020 and beyond you need it in droves. Adaptability.

Adaptability may be considered a ‘soft skill’ but it’s a talent which you need to look for in new employees – it should be up there with qualifications on your list of must-haves. Why? It’s a critical leadership skill that will ensure that your organisation survives the uncertainties which lay ahead. 

A new recruit who is adaptable is flexible and fearless – knowing they may succeed or fail along the way. They learn and they unlearn. They can keep their head when situations don’t go as planned and lead a team to do the same. They trust their own judgement to resolve problems in fast-paced situations. But recognise that what worked before may not work this time.

They are the people you want in your team. 

But, as a business owner, how and where do you find these heroes of the accountancy world? We’ll tell you …

Where to find adaptable accountants

Be clear in your job description – We’re not talking Dominic Cummings style with the use of “weirdos” and “wild cards”! But you could be a little more free-thinking when it comes to criteria. 

Know where to look – Adaptable people stay current. You’ll find them on social media and within niche industry groups. A passive candidate – someone who isn’t actively looking for a new role, is also someone to target. Do your current employees know of a potential hire?…ask them! 

Invest in your brand – These in-demand adaptable candidates are looking to work for an organisation who will allow their creativity and dynamism to thrive and blossom. And the first place they will look is your company culture and brand. 

Test their hunger for knowledge – Check their CV – are they continually seeking new ways to learn and upskill? What courses have they attended recently? What about their passions outside of work? A naturally adaptable person will be forever setting goals and challenges for themselves.

Ask the right questions – During an interview, test their mettle by presenting them with a real life work issue you are currently facing and challenge them to think up some possible solutions, and suggestions of how they could be implemented. You might even ask them to a company meeting to pitch their idea. 

Use a specialist recruiter – An expert in accountancy recruitment will have a talent pipeline bursting at the seams with adaptable accountancy professionals who are perfectly matched with your organisation. 

Are you looking to fill an accountancy job in the South West? At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we work closely with our clients and are able to expertly fill an accountancy job in Stoke on Trent, Solihull, Chester and beyond! 

Call us today on 03335 777 787 or complete this short form, to discover how we can help you find a talented and adaptable employee today. 


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