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How to Create a Winning Job Search Strategy in 2021

Job Searching in 2021?

We’ve written before about why we think December is a great time to start your job search in accountancy. But if you’re up against the clock and are thinking ahead to next year then make sure you make the most of your January search.

We’re not going to give you the ‘new year, new you’ spiel. We promise not to mention the worldwide pandemic. And we absolutely guarantee that if you read this article you’ll feel more positive and focused with your job search. So, let’s go!  Here’s our top tips for creating a job search strategy in 2021.

Be selective – applying for every job you see might make you feel productive but this isn’t a numbers game. Every application must be matched to your skills and aspirations and be tailored to each unique position. Why not brainstorm ideal companies you’d like to work for?

Be positive – January in particular can feel like quite a negative month. Dark nights, cold weather and the magic of Christmas behind us. A job search can take up lots of time and energy. Remember to keep your mental health in check and practice self-care. It will help you stay focussed and productive, 

Tap into your network – it’s time to start engaging with potential employers, speaking to acquaintances within the industry and getting yourself noticed. Now is not the time to be a wallflower. Be creative, use social media and attend conferences and meetings. 

Use your transferable skills write down all of your ‘soft skills’, think of ways you’ve used them in a real life situation and shout about them…on your CV, in your covering letter, on LinkedIn and during your interview. These are skills your potential employer needs.  Don’t be shy about them. 

Be organised – keep track of your applications and the people you speak to by using a spreadsheet or an app. You could add telephone call dates and note the things you spoke about. 

Keep an open mind – we live in a world where the right mindset and personality can offer a complete career change if you want it. Don’t be fixed on one particular role. Open your mind to new opportunities.

Check your references – 96% of HR professionals indicate that their organisation conducts background and reference checks on applicants. Are your referees details up to date? Have they agreed to being a reference?! Your referee is a vital cog in the job search machine. 

Make sure your CV is on point – polished and proofed, short and succinct and free of fancy graphics. Pay particular attention to your profile to gain interest. And use the STAR method – Situation, Task, Action and Result.

Get comfortable with virtual interviews – remember our 7 P’s? Prepare, Practice, Patience, Professional, Positive, Project and Post.

Evolve your strategy – track your efforts and experiment with what works for you. All strategies need a little tweak over time. 

Get help  By choosing a niche recruitment company such as Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, you are boosting your chances of reaching your career goals and landing your dream job in 2021. 

Are you looking for an Audit Partner Designate job in Luton, would you like to become a Senior Tax Manger in Stoke on Trent or are you open to any accountancy jobs in Bristol? 

Call us on 03335 777 787 or find more useful information to aid your job search on our blog here. 


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