How To Create a Winning CV

How To Create a Winning CV

Using all of our experience and years of specialised accountancy recruitment, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd has created 10 steps to producing a CV to help you stand out and win your dream job.

10 Top Tips to Create a Winning CV

1. Be specific and relevant – don’t fill your CV with anything you can’t measure or demonstrate and update your CV so it matches the requirements of the job you are applying for. 

2. Use positive language  – use lots of upbeat, energetic and positive action words such as initiated, created, increased, solved, saved and won.

3. Forget fancy graphics – use two pages maximum, plenty of white space and no tables or graphics. 

4. Proof it – from our experience, most CVs contain errors – which could exclude you right away, so check, check and check again.

5. STAR – Use this model to evidence your experience – Situation, Task, Action and Result e.g. In my last role as Tax Manager we were short staffed and it was my responsibility to ensure deadlines were met. So, I scheduled weekly meetings with staff to discuss progress, which resulted in better transparency of the backlog and improved communication.

6. Communicate with a great recruiter  – when you contact us to register your interest in a specific role, show you’ve taken the time to  undertake some research on the role and area. 

7. Your profile is key – this is the trailer to the film so get them engaged at the beginning of your CV with a short, punchy paragraph with relevant key skills and experience. 

8. Be honest – present yourself in the best light possible but don’t overembellish your experience as when you get to interview stage, you may be questioned. 

9. Show your soft side – don’t be afraid to highlight your transferable skills, even if they aren’t work-related – soft skills are highly sought-after by potential employees and regarded as just as valuable as formal qualifications. 

10. Final check – even if you feel satisfied with your CV, ask a friend or colleague to sense check it and look for typos – or better still, run it past a professional.

“Whether you’re an experienced partner or in the early stages of your accounting career, writing a winning CV is a skill. We are committed to providing honest and impartial advice to support you in your job search. We don’t deal in volume and numbers – we’re all about people and you can rely on us to support you with any questions you have or advice you need.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd 

Working with a specialised recruiter will provide you with all of the support you need to frame your skills, experience and USP within your CV and at interview stage. Your recruiter will also have insight into the company and the role you are applying for, and that knowledge is invaluable. 

If you’re considering a new role or a career change, call us today on 03335 777 787. We’ll support you every step of the way. 


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