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How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

Ever wondered if your personal online presence impacts the success of your search for accountancy jobs?

The answer is yes. Very much so.

And the combination of all your various social profiles and accounts, references and mentions online is what is known in the recruitment industry as your personal brand. Firms you’ve worked for likely have a marketing plan to ensure their services and brand values are clearly showcased online, your personal brand is exactly the same thing but you’re the product and recruiting accountancy firms are the audience you’re trying to attract.

So how can you make sure your online brand is showcasing all that you want it to? Here’s our list of five key actions all accountancy job hunters should complete in order to improve their personal brand and secure the next step in their career.

1. Clean up your act!

You could argue that showcasing your spirit and creativity across your social media profiles might indicate to your potential employer that you are confident, maybe even an extroverted people person. But remember that despite the recent workplace evolution, accountancy remains a professional sector and as such, hiring managers will need to be sure you’re professional above all else. So when the time comes to update your CV, you’ll also want to audit your Instagram, tone down your Tinder and triple check your Facebook privacy settings. We all have a personal life, it’s up to you to ensure it really is personal.

2. Put yourself out there in the places that matter.

And where is the place that professionals hang out? You got it! LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is quite likely the very first place your potential new employer will look to get an idea of your personality, your work values and morals and also your opinions, so make sure you’re using it appropriately and regularly. Have an opinion on an industry matter? State it, but be open to debate and other ideas. Showcase that you’re knowledgable, skilled but also a great communicator and potential team player. See a brilliant charitable initiative you want to get behind? Share it – hiring managers will enjoy seeing your compassionate side. You can even take a good look at the company LinkedIn profile for the firms you’re hoping to attract and ensure your content is closely aligned with theirs in a genuine way.

3. Showcase your transferable skills.

If you have time, write some thought leadership pieces in your specialist subject and submit them free of charge to some good online publications. The purpose of this is two fold. If a firm you want to work for googles you, they’ll see more than your school leavers ball picture, it’s a method of personal search engine optimisation! And secondly you’ll be showcasing transferable skills. Let’s pretend you were interviewing for a role as Partner in York. If a potential employer sees that you’re well experienced, qualified AND an excellent written communicator they’ll feel confident that you’ll be a great asset technically but also from a leadership and marketing perspective too.

4. Let other people help build your brand.

Take a minute to think about the impact reading a positive hotel review has on your likelihood to book it and apply the same theory to your online brand. Seek recommendations from genuine connections you know you have impressed on LinkedIn. Ask colleagues and those in the industry to share your helpful articles on a technical issue. Be of service and people will talk about you positively on their own online profiles and you’ll find you’ve built up your own PR machine. Develop a relationship with a great accountancy recruiter too and you’ll have yet more people showcasing why you’re the hire of the decade.

5. And finally, in a world where you’re likely to meet potential employers remotely, get prepped for a brilliant online first impression.

We’re not suggesting you set up some whizzy Zoom background with palm trees or a New York cityscape in the background. Far from it! Take the time to get proficient at online meetings and consider the subtle adjustments required to your communication techniques to ensure you don’t come across as too loud nor too timid. We’ve already prepared a really helpful guide for candidates facing online interviews so be sure to take a read.

So whether you’re dreaming of becoming the next Semi Senior in Cardiff, Audit Manager in Chester or whether you’re chasing Partnership in London your online personal brand really does matter. So invest some time in it today.

Specialising solely in accountancy recruitment, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd has new accountancy jobs every day and has a superb track record of meeting and exceeding expectations for accountants looking for their next accounting role.


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