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How To Avoid Business Burnout

Are you running an accountancy firm and in danger of suffering burnout?

As someone running an accountancy business through a pandemic, we don’t need to tell you that past year has been one of the most stressful you’re ever likely to experience. Constant change, non-stop decision making, meeting after meeting, demanding clients, stressed out workforce. Even for the most resilient person, the crazy hours and weight of responsibility will have taken its toll.

Perhaps the feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion is something you’re used to. You may even thrive on it. But when business burnout sets in, it takes more than a weekend off to bounce back. Serious stress and emotional and physical burnout which has built up over time can lead to long-term problems, for your business and your mental health. 

So, we’d like to offer three simple tips to keep business burnout at bay. 

1. Take time off – Let’s be realistic, nobody is going to ask you to head off to the Maldives for two weeks (wishful thinking). But even the shortest break from your work and commitments will go a long way to avoid burnout. It has to be part of your daily routine and you have to stick to it. Put it in your calendar if it helps.  A lunch break, a mid-morning stroll, a Saturday mobile phone ban or an end of day meditation. It may seem like an unnecessary nuisance to begin with, but persevere, as you’ll soon start to feel the difference. Just like a little exercise every day promotes your physical fitness, a little brain break every day goes towards maintaining your mental health. 

2. Reflect – It’s a proven scientific fact that people who spend 15 minutes at the end of each working day reflecting, perform better than those who do not. By committing to conscious consideration of the lessons learned that day you’ll not only become more productive, but you’ll feel energised, positive and confident. The end result? Bye, bye burnout! And you’ll be in good company as head honchos Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg use the power of reflection. It’s not a complicated process, you just need a quiet spot for 5 minutes and pen and paper. Ask yourself…what’s going well and why, what’s not going so well and why, how have I contributed to this and what lesson can I learn?

3. Delegate – This can feel like the hardest thing in the world to someone like you – you consider yourself a doer. You roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. You’re the first up and that last to leave. And everyone knows and admires this of you. Anything less would be a fail, right? Wrong! You’re a leader. And all of the jobs you’re ‘doing’ are zapping your power and energy. It’s actually holding you back from seeing the bigger picture and taking the business forward. Begin by choosing one task you can delegate, pick the best person for the job, be clear and specific about what’s expected and show your support and appreciation. 

If one of your many tasks is staff recruitment, you’ll avoid business burnout by delegating this to an expert – someone experienced, knowledgeable and reliable…someone like Public Practice Recruitment Ltd.

We help accountancy business owners save time, money and valuable energy by managing the recruitment process from start to finish. 

Are you looking for a Tax Manager, an Audit and Accounts Senior or an Audit and Accounts Manager to join your team? Perhaps you have a Corporate Finance Partner Designate job you’re looking to fill. 

Call us today on 03335 777 787 or email with your list of requirements. We’ll get to work straight away for you. 


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