How much could you earn? Salaries revealed.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we understand that you want to know what salary other people are achieving, and how that compares to yours.

Every role is different, and location can make salaries vary wildly; however, you could be earning a lot more than you are on now for doing a similar job. Your current employer may not be able to facilitate your career progression or salary expectations, so you may have to start looking for a higher paid role with someone new.

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Salary survey

AAT recently produced a salary survey that shows the variation in salaries across the UK.

Accountancy Salaries 2018

Does age matter?

Yes, according to AAT. 16 to 18-year-olds can expect to earn £10,040, with 55-year-olds earning £29,829. This can also be said for bonuses, where younger trainees get an average bonus of £200 and more mature employees receiving £1,000.

Gender gap

Interestingly, AAT report only a small difference in pay between genders based on those surveyed. The survey does, however, show the picture that part-time salaries are at £20,451 for men, a thousand pounds more than women. The larger sized businesses are more likely to be offering higher salaries and larger bonus schemes too.

Stay or go?

22% of those surveyed were looking for a promotion, with only 12% planning on moving to a new role with a different employer.

Garry Howling, Managing Director, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd commented: “If 22% of staff are looking for a promotion with their own employer they may be waiting some time. Having worked in the accountancy field for many years, I know that not all accountancy firms have the same ethos or structure to facilitate internal promotion, with lean structures that are not top heavy. There are a lot of great roles waiting for those who want to progress their career.”

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Public Practice Recruitment Ltd is an established and experienced business that specialises in finding the most suitable candidates within the accountancy field. For more information, you can visit our website, call us on 0333 5777 787 or email 


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