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Hot to Create a Successful Employee Proposition

Does Employee Value Proposition matter in Accountancy?

If your first question is what is an employee value proposition, you’re in the right place?!

An EVP is the benefits your employees receive in return for what they bring to your accountancy firm. It’s the essence of your organisation, the reason people want to work for you, your culture, your story, your ethics.

It’s not just a few throw away statements from the board or a slogan on your headed paper. It’s how your employees feel and behave, and most importantly what they tell others about where they work. So, your EVP needs to be authentic – from the core. You must live and breathe it.

Even if you haven’t got an EVP written down, chances are you do have one. And it’s the one place where it’s clear for everyone to see… within your recruitment process. Your recruitment content, the benefits package, the reviews, social media, the communication from application to on-boarding, engagement, training and retention. It’s the unintentional EVP statement that you’ve allowed to develop all by itself.

If you’d prefer to develop a better, more considered and purposeful expression of your company and its EVP, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Here’s where to start.

Research – Survey your workforce and ask how they view the company’s culture and values, what they feel are the main benefits of working for you and why they choose to stay. Ask everyone – the receptionist, the decision makers and everyone in between. Another group of people to ask are those who choose not to stay. An exit interview is worth its weight in gold here.

Analyse – Look for common answers and themes, key words which come up repeatedly and benefits people have requested. If the answers your staff have revealed do not reflect your firm in the way you want it to, having this information means that you can make changes. So, try to look at the positives. You might not be the dream employer you thought you were. But now you can do something about it.

Create – Begin by creating an inspiring statement which you can build out from when developing your EVP. It should reflect the findings from the survey and include people, rewards, opportunities and culture. Your EVP is key to attracting talent, so the language you use should be attractive, clear, authentic and inspiring. We really like Aldi’s EVP and Unilever is another good example. Check them out. You can then use your statement as the foundation to releasing your EVP into everything you do.

“Make a start by getting your EVP statement down on paper – it may well take a few attempts. Keep it realistic and think about ways you can communicate it. Share it with your entire organisation.Then keep it as a living document which you review regularly.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

You see, it’s not hard to develop your own EVP. And we think it’s really important to have one – especially when recruiting in 2021. Talented accountants are in demand and they want to work for an employer who understands and fulfils their needs. Getting these people onboard, making them happy at work and keeping hold of them, will give you the competitive edge.

If you’d like advice about recruiting for an accountancy job in Manchester, or any other part of the UK, please speak to Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. We are currently recruiting for a Corporate Finance Partner Designate for a top 40 accountancy firm. We’re trusted by a range of employers from top 10 to mid-tier practices, boutique and regional firms. And we’d love to help you too.


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