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Happiness and Productivity in 2021

Why you NEED a wellbeing strategy for 2021

‘Work life’ is now a thing of the past. Those clearly defined lines between the office and home have overlapped, blurred and pretty much disappeared in some cases this past year. It’s brought about flexibility, made us re-examine our personal priorities and in a lot of ways brought us closer. But the pandemic of 2020 has been unsettling to say the very least. And as we enter the unknown of 2021, how can we plan and prepare for what’s to come – and ensure business prospers and our workforce is taken care of?

According to the University of Oxford, employees are 13% more productive when happy. And one thing you can control is the happiness of your team. While that may seem low down on your list of things to tackle in 2021, believe us when we say…it’s absolutely vital to the success of your accountancy firm.

Why? At the moment, your staff feel physically and emotionally remote. Morale may be low and goals are unclear. And worryingly, their mental health and wellbeing is suffering more than ever before. Good mental health goes hand in hand with engagement and productivity. So, as well as having a moral responsibility and duty of care to address and support ‘happiness’ at work, your business needs a wellbeing strategy.

Focus on how to support your team by going above and beyond the basic needs to complete their job.

Look at:

  • Providing clear goals and structure
  • Improving communication
  • Financial support and advice
  • Involvement in change
  • Investing in personalised wellbeing packages
  • Raising team spirt and morale
  • Guidance and encouragement on creating a healthy work-life balance
  • Leading by example – being flexible, not over-working, listening and being open to new ways of thinking

“Your employee wellbeing strategy should focus on the physical and psychological wellbeing of your team. It should provide immediate and long-term support, plus preventive strategies. Begin with a clear vision and break this down into smaller objectives. Then assign a budget and resources. Crucially, you must continually measure its success – this should not be a tick-box exercise. As business owners, we have many hats, and we can’t be experts in all aspects of wellbeing – so use external providers if needed.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

And let’s not forget, an attractive wellbeing package will also tempt the most talented employees. And while many of us are questioning our current roles, an employer with a happy and healthy workforce may seem incredibly appealing.

Whether you’re a top ten firm, a mid-tier practice or an independent boutique accountant, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd can work with you to shape and improve your team.

Please speak to us about your unique requirements. You might be recruiting for an accountancy job in Liverpool, searching for a Corporate Finance Partner Designate or desperately need advice on your recruitment strategy.

Please call us today on 03335 777 787 – we’d really like to help you.


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