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Getting The Most From Your Recruiter

Are you looking to work with a recruitment agency or consultant in 2021?

Regardless of whether you’re looking to replace someone or you’re excited to be shaking up how you operate, working with a recruiter is a great idea. In a nutshell, here’s why…

  • Finding, shortlisting, interviewing and onboarding new staff is seriously time consuming. It’s unlikely that anyone in your team is twiddling their thumbs, especially if you’re short staffed, so outsourcing the process of finding great people to work in your team will save you valuable time you can devote to offering a great service to your clients.
  • The process is also complex and fraught with legislation and best practice that you’d be wise to adhere to. If you’re not recruiting regularly it makes total sense to bring in an expert rather than spend the best part of a week reading up on the most up to date guidance and ensuring you know what pre-employment checks you might need to carry out.
  • Where are the people?! When you’ve got your head down getting the job done and keeping your clients happy, especially in a remote working situation like the one we’re all bound by now, it’s really likely that you’re not regularly meeting talented accountants that might be looking for a new post. A great recruiter will know exactly where to find the kinds of people you want to hire. You’ll save time and energy getting your adverts placed in the right place right from the start.
  • Specialist knowledge. We can’t express enough the importance of working with a niche recruiter. When you’re looking to outsource, save yourself time and energy by zoning straight in to recruiters that specialise in your sector and your sector alone. You wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix your lighting so why ask a generic recruiter to find you an accountant?
  • What all of these points cumulatively add up to is SPEED and QUALITY. Work with a great recruitment agency or consultant and you’ll get the job done quickly, efficiently and really really well.

But once you’ve made the decision to work with a recruiter, the next steps are to make sure you get the very best from the process and maximise the benefit to your organisation. Here’s our ideas for getting the most from your recruiter.

  • Think BIG picture. Once you’ve agreed to work with someone it’s time to lay out your situation as clearly as possible. A great recruiter will encourage you to look at your whole organisational structure and may make suggestions on a slightly different recruitment pathway that may provide you with more in the longterm. Having an external set of eyes offer you some constructive feedback on your workforce plans can be really useful if you’re open to it. Especially if you’re making leadership decisions without the support of a larger hiring team.
  • Be open to new ideas. We recently conducted a lot of research on Employee Value Proposition and what great accountants are looking for in an employer. A good accountancy recruiter might offer you suggestions about your benefits package. They might not all work for you, but it’s great to know what helps the best firms stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Consider the long game. As well as getting your immediately required positions filled it’s a great idea to talk to your recruiter about your long term recruitment needs. If you know you’ll have a Partnership position to fill in twelve months time, now is certainly the time for your recruiter to be scouring the horizon for the perfect match. Or perhaps you’re always keen to know about accountants who are really making a name for themselves, working with a specialised recruiter will ensure that these people don’t pass you by and end up being the reason why your competitor wins the new clients you’re pitching for.
  • Communication is key! And it goes both ways. Lay out from the very start how you expect your recruiter to communicate with you. How often and by what means. A great recruiter will want to find the perfect balance of getting on with the job but also keeping you up to speed, so be sure to let them know from the off.

With more than a decade of experience in matching brilliant accountants with first class firms we’re certain that recruitment projects run smoother and get better results when hiring managers work alongside specialist recruiters. We’re also confident that if you’re recruiting accountants anywhere in the UK on a permanent or an interim basis, you won’t find a more committed team of specialist recruiters than here at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd.

“It’s been a joy to conduct lots of research in 2021 about what it is that attracts the cream of the accountancy crop. But we’re pleased to report that our studies have, on the whole, re-affirmed what we already knew and really cement our reputation as the very best accountancy recruiters you’ll find in the UK. Our track record is first class and you can trust my team and I to get the job done professionally and efficiently.”

Garry Howling, MD, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

To discuss working with Garry and his team email us today. Or drop us a line if you prefer to put a voice to a name. We’d be delighted to hear more about your workforce and how you’d like to see it evolve to match the changing pace of 2021.


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