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Get interview ready. A guide on researching for interview.

So you’ve written a smashing CV and been shortlisted for interview. How can you make sure you’re interview ready?

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re always working hard to support our candidates through every step of the hiring journey. When you hear the news that a recruiting firm wants to meet you physically or virtually, you won’t have long to get prepped, so here’s our five tips for researching the interviewing firm and making sure you’re ready to win the job.

1. Get to know the firm’s culture and values.

Take a deep dive into their website and those of their clients. Look for any themes in the kinds of work they do and analyse their boasts and achievements to help you understand what they are proud of. Take some time to brainstorm what you consider might be potential avenues to explore to find new clients and be ready to offer these up, should they be asked for.

2. Explore the firm’s social media profiles and read any articles they’ve published.

Not only will you be able to ascertain issues that they prioritise and champion, you’ll also get a feeling for how much capacity they have within the firm for brand awareness, content creation and marketing. If they have no social media and their ‘about us’ web page is out of date they might be excited to know about your transferable skills in marketing and thought leadership. But they might also be nervous about putting themselves out there, so try to get a feel for this and tread carefully in the interview.

3. Tap up your contacts. 

Know someone who worked for the firm or someone who still does? Pick up the phone and let them know you’re being interviewed. Ask them for any hints and tips and you’ll be surprised what they will offer up when it comes to company values, direction and targets. There’s no such thing as being under researched at interview so having had an ‘off the record’ chat with an old colleague or friend could really help you understand a firm’s direction of travel and help you ensure that your interview answers are perfectly aligned to it.

4. Identify competitors.

Take the time to learn who the firm’s competition might be and how they are pitching themselves against them. Don’t refer to competition directly in the interview unless asked, but do be sure to throw in mentions of the skills you possess that just might help them to stand out from the crowd.

5. Find a critical friend.

Someone you can bounce your ideas off and who can test whether issues you’d like to raise make you sound genuinely interested or arrogant. Someone who can tell you that you’ve completely forgotten to mention some really relevant experience you’ve had or a unique qualification you possess.

And the great news on this last tip is that if you’re working alongside a brilliant recruiter like Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, that critical friend will be by your side through each and every step of the recruitment process.

Add that to our niche industry experience and the knowledge we have of the firms you’re being interviewed by and you’ll be on to a winner! Our joint interview prep means you’ll almost be over the finish line before you’ve even stepped in to the room (or video call.)

If you’re feeling ‘new job ready’ reach out to us today for a confidential chat. And take a look at the extensive list of opportunities on our vacancies pages. We’re currently searching for a Corporate Tax Partner in Northampton, a Part time Bookkeeper in Leicester and many roles in between. 


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