Flexible Working – It’s bigger than ever in practice!

Did you know that flexible working has never been more commonplace in practice?

So often we hear from candidates who are desperate to find a role in practice with some flexibility, but wrongly believe that it’s like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

We’re pleased today to be able to tell you about a plethora of opportunities to work flexibly as an accountant. We’re advertising jobs daily with employers ready and waiting to follow through with promises to provide a whole range of flexible working benefits!

Let’s take a look at the different types of flexible working. Knowledge is power and if you know what arrangements firms are successfully offering then you’ll know what to ask for at the interview we’re certain to be able to arrange for you once you’ve uploaded your CV!

Core hours

Core hours are a really common offer that the vast majority of firms are able to offer. A firm decides what their core hours of work will be (commonly 10am to 3pm or similar) and as long as their staff work during those core hours they are free to work whatever hours suit them around core times to make up the remainder of their contracted weekly hours. So, if you have a childcare commitment on a Tuesday afternoon, no problem! Get to work super early on a couple of other days a week and you’ll be able to honour that commitment.


TOIL stands for time off in lieu. And it’s a wonderful display of trust and flexibility that an employer can offer their staff. Up to agreed limits this means that if you feel you have to put in the extra graft to meet a deadline or to honour a client commitment, you can reclaim that time at a later date as long as you keep good records.

Additional holiday

Many of our clients offer a system of additional flexible benefits where staff can pick and choose from a list of brilliant perks in addition to their salary. Often one of these perks is the option to sacrifice some of your salary in exchange for an extra few days holiday per year. If you love to travel or you have a caring commitment or hobby outside of work that you’d like to devote more time to, this one can be a great option.

Part time working

Likely you’ve all heard of this and we’re here to assure you that part time jobs do exist in accountancy! Especially for talented accountants with heaps of experience and skill to bring to the table. If you spy a full time role that you think might be perfect on our jobs board, then drop us a line to find out whether the client might consider a part time or job share offer. The answer won’t always be yes but it’s definitely worth an ask!

Hybrid or full remote working

The option to work from home is probably the only thing we can thank COVID for. Firms who weren’t able to offer this perk before were forced into it overnight and the result is that a lot of employers have realised that there are many benefits for their staff and themselves so they’ve hung on to it in some shape or form.

Lots of the roles we now advertise offer hybrid working as a perk of employment. This means that staff spend some of the week in the office and some of it working from home. For many, it’s truly the perfect balance. You benefit from the community element of having some face to face contact with clients and colleagues but you also get a couple of days without a commute and the opportunity to walk the dog at lunchtime and get your head down in your own space.

And of course some firms have made full remote working work for them permanently. They’ve realised that by allowing their staff to work from anywhere, they benefit from having a staff of talented accountants not limited by geography – a bigger pool to fish from! And for candidates this means you can apply for roles with the firms you’ve always admired, regardless of whether they are close to home or not!

Interim working

Finally let’s not forget the ultimate work life balance that is interim working. If you want to find the best in work life balance then this option can really work for you.

Want to work term time only? We can help you find short term interim posts that will pay you seriously well and mean you can take the holidays off to be with your family.

Want to work half the year and travel the other half? Interim contracts will be for you!

Find out more about how interim contracts work here. 

‘It’s taken a while but I’m pleased to report that public practice is now a truly flexible working environment. Granted you won’t find it with every employer, but more often than not, there’s some form of flexible working on offer with most of the jobs that we advertise.’

Garry Howling, MD

So, if you feel your life would be fuller, easier and better with a bit of flexibility, work with the recruiter whose expert market knowledge means they have their fingers on the pulse of where to find exactly the kind of flex you need to make work work for you.

Work with Public Practice Recruitment Ltd today.


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