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Finding the Right Recruiter

How to find the right accountancy specialist recruitment consultant

The recruitment industry took a temporary bruising at the onset of COVID-19 but it’s taken no time at all for the market to bounce back and with lockdown showcasing the strength of teams and also the ethical calibre of employers, we’re starting to see an increase in job hunters and candidate seekers.

There’s never been a more important time to get this right.

For employers the cost and operational upheaval of restructuring your team or replacing key post holders is massive and the repercussions of getting it wrong don’t bear thinking about.

If you’re a candidate who has been through a rough time these last few months, then the pressure of making the wrong jump into a role that’s not right for you or doesn’t offer you the flexibility or benefits that you need can make job hunting exhausting.

But that’s where the right Recruitment Agency comes into its own.

The right recruitment agency will know your sector inside out and that’s a claim we’re proud to make at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. Practice recruitment flows through the veins of our business and our experience and sector knowledge ensures that we are perfectly placed to match the right candidates with the right accountancy firms. Our reputation is second to none and we have more than a decade of experience in this niche field.

What does that look like in practice?

On the whole, it means we spend a lot more time understanding all of the issues and niche requirements of our sector. We don’t just work to ensure we understand the hiring side of practice. We care about all of the human resources issues that play a part in how firms create and plan their workforce; be that diversity, wellbeing, changes to statutory regulations, and more. We look at the external influences that make the lives of accountants better or worse; COVID-19 being one of them!

We’re also championing a more futuristic way of working. We’re encouraging our employers to be agile, to be flexible, and to understand the undeniable benefits of a happy, healthy workforce who feel valued and respected. That might mean we help candidates request and negotiate for flexible or remote working or that we showcase the benefits of working smarter and not harder.

Why we’re the best accountancy recruiters

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’ve done our research. We know that brilliant accountants are few and far between and we’re here to advise our clients on how to attract and retain them. That might mean that they look to support their new recruits to pay off their student debt, or that they have clearly defined pathways for career progression or the promise of equity partnership should they perform well. In this decade (which has not got off to the cheeriest of starts) we all know it’s about more than just the payslip for many Partners, Managers, and staff.

But alongside all of these promises to candidates, we help those selected for interview understand that our clients are looking for more than just someone with a talent for numbers. We can support our candidates to understand what it is about them that really stands out and to showcase their complementary skills at interview.


‘For us, it’s never been about throwing a load of out of date CVs at our clients and hoping one of them sticks. Year after year we’ve placed the right candidates with the right accountancy firms and that makes us the right recruiters. We know that in ever changing times, workforces need to be agile and they need to be able to pivot, so for us, it’s about supporting employers with more than just getting a bum on a seat. We see the bigger picture.’

Garry Howling, MD Public Practice Recruitment Ltd


A generic recruitment agency that places candidates in multiple industries isn’t good enough for modern accountancy firms. To really make the most of the opportunity for both company growth and personal development that comes with a new appointment, you need the right recruiter.

You can trust us.

Drop us an email today or call our MD Garry on 03335 777 787 to chat through your specific requirements.


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