Feng Shui and Accountancy

Does your environment effect your performance in accountancy?

Feng Shui and Accountancy. Not words which you would ordinarily link together, but if you are an Accountancy firm, we urge you to read on. Why? Because your competitors are already on to this, and if you are wondering why you’re struggling to attract the best talent …we’ll show you why.

Let’s call it ‘first impressions’ to make it a little more palatable for the cynics – we’re talking about the office vibe.

Accountants work long hours. Spend a lot of time at a computer. Work on challenging projects. They have the pressure of time-sensitive work but have to keep their cool so as not to sacrifice accuracy for speed. Their work environment is essential to their performance, and your bottom line.

Providing a welcoming, ordered, fun and caring office space – which doesn’t compromise quality of professionalism, is something you as an employer must add to the top of your hit list if you want to attract and retain the best people.

One practice we’ve worked with offer their team free health checks at the office to ensure everyone is healthy and feeling good. They hold regular fun events, have sports teams, get involved in local charities, have fruit delivered to the office and call in an ice cream van when it’s hot! That’s where all the great accountants are going.

There are some seriously impressive accountancy practices out there. You want candidates to be thinking…. that office space? I wouldn’t mind working overtime here! Some practices go one step further. They have the fresh fruit and a great Christmas party covered, but as a company they stretch even further with mental health first aiders, treadmill desks, onsite-yoga and open holiday. Unsurprisingly, they were voted one of The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2019.

We’re not expecting you to compete with these trail blazers. But here are 3 simple things which you can get right straight away:

Get the balance right

Offering a few cool perks with no underlying values is a waste of time and money. Similarly, having all of the right ideas but with no incentive will kill office motivation. Think about what engages your workforce – why do they want to be there? An engaged employee will go above and beyond their job requirements if they are ‘all in’ and care about ‘their’ company. Ask them – what would make you happier at work? Simply asking the question will give you kudos. Just make sure you can deliver on the feedback you receive.

Get together

It’s common sense that groups of friends will work much better as a team than a group of acquaintances or colleagues. Social events don’t have be formal or uncomfortable. Team lunches are easy to organise and will help bring even the most reserved employee into the fold. And it’s another thing potential employees will pick up on when choosing their next role.

Get comfortable

Would you want to spend 40 hours a week (a third of your life) sat in a chair which causes you pain? If your staff are hot desking or working remotely, are they provided with the tools they need to do the job? Is the office too hot or too cold? Is the lighting drab? Could some background music lift the mood? Are the location of your desks promoting a good flow of energy? If you’re reading this and rolling your eyes, think about these stats from Gallup from 2019:

Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability

8% of the UK workforce is engaged at work — that’s just 8% of employees who are working at their full potential.

These things are no longer ‘nice to have’ projects for another day. Potential employees EXPECT this from you. And while you’re reading this, your current workforce might just be submitting their CV to an organisation with an office vibe which is far more appealing than yours.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we partner with the top 100 accountancy firms, and many smaller but innovative firms with amazing office spaces and fantastic company culture.

Please get in touch with us today.

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