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Employers! Spread some Festive Cheer

Make your Accountancy Firm a Happy Place to Work this Christmas!

Whether you’re struggling financially or logistically to ‘step into Christmas’ this year, or if bringing some festive cheer is way down your list of priorities at the moment – we urge you to read on. 

The decorations, the office party, secret Santa and all of the other shenanigans – they aren’t merely frivolous, dusty old traditions. It’s your way of showing your team that you care, and they are valued. That you appreciate that they have dug deep this year, given you all of their support and helped keep business going. It’s a way of re-affirming your office culture and brand, and keeping your staff happy, productive and devoted. 

It’s been an awful year for most of us, so now is not the time to be a Scrooge and get through the rest of 2020 with our heads down. It’s a reason to celebrate, give thanks and end the year on a high note.

A recent report found that 26% of employers have organised a virtual celebration for their staff in 2020. And a further survey found that 37% of employees confirmed that a Christmas perk or reward makes them feel valued.

Here’s a few simple ways you can reward your workforce this year.

  • Christmas parties might be banned but staff bonuses aren’t. Any budget you had put aside for a lavish shindig could go towards a helpful gift voucher. Or you could get creative with a more thoughtful and hand-picked gift like a food hamper. 
  • We say banned, but a Zoom Christmas Party could work. And it doesn’t have to mean a dry quiz or an excruciating karaoke contest! A quick Google will bring up lots of inspiration – from paid entertainers such as magicians and comedians to wine tasting and murder mysteries.
  • What’s better than a Christmas memo from the board? A handwritten card from your manager that’s what. A few heart felt words for your team will go a lot further than a generic shout out on the intranet. Put some real thought and effort into it and make it personal.
  • The pandemic has meant that some of your employees may have lost loved ones, suffered financial hardship and struggled with their mental health. Not everyone will want a virtual office party. Could you consider an extra day off or an early finish as a gesture?
  • This time of year, your accountants will be working just as hard over Christmas as any other time. We know exactly how you feel this time of year. Heavy workloads and tight deadlines could mean that Christmas day is their only day off. How can you show support and thanks? Check in by phone to see if they need help, arrange for a coffee and mice pie to be delivered by their local café or send a self-care voucher for a massage, a contribution towards a great office chair or a Netflix subscription.  

“One of the best gifts you can give your team this year is a simple and authentic ‘thank you’. Actually saying those words, face to face, is so powerful. Pick out at least one reason that you’re grateful for them or one valuable thing they’ve brought this year. Sit them down and tell them. It will mean so much.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

Having a happy and productive workforce is key to your organisation’s success – at Christmas, and all year round. If you’d like to add to your happy workforce in 2021, please get in touch. 

From Junior Accountants in Stoke on Trent to Audit Partner positions in Luton, we match high quality candidates with accountancy firms all over the UK. Please send us a quick message with your requirements and we’ll call you back to explain how we can help. 


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