Don’t wait for New Year – change your mindset by Christmas

On the day we pressed publish on this blog there is just 20 days left until Christmas 2021!

And at this time of year it’s definitely easy to just allow yourself to coast through to the New Year when you know those ever-present seasonal deadlines will take priority and your mindset will be all about survival.

But what about if you decided to make a plan right now to ensure your New Year starts with a winning mindset and a winning strategy to really make a big change to your life as a talented accountant in 2022?

You’ve got time if you start right now!

Here’s your five step guide for kickstarting 2022 with a spring in your step.

1. Don’t procastinate. Filter out the Christmas noise and list of jobs that don’t really matter and find some protected time. Sit down and create your five year career plan.  Mindset is intrinsically linked to goals – you need to really be able to visualise your version of success and what you need to do to get there before you can get in the right frame of mind to propel your energy in the right direction.

2. Once you know what you want, allocate time to make it happen! If you’ve created a true strategy for how to create your five year plan then you’ll have some clear actions outlined that will ensure you stay on track. So, now is the time to pull out your calendar or diary for 2022 and put some boundaries in place. Often we fail to achieve our ambitions as we prioritise the things that others need from us, but if you really want to get focused and ensure your mindset is aligned to your goals get those training courses booked and in the diary. Or ring-fence time to study and apply for jobs. Let those close to you know how important this is to you and ask them to respect the boundaries that you’ve put in place around your time.

3. Open your eyes to possibility. Life still isn’t quite back to normal and we don’t really know how this winter will pan out when it comes to Christmas parties and increased socialisation. So use COVID as an excuse to hunker down and swat up. Get yourself some great mindset reading and surround yourself with people who help you see the endless possibilities that are available to you if you stay focussed.

4. Focus on your wellbeing. For most of us, New Year couldn’t be a worse time to try and energise our mindset and go out and attempt to achieve our goals. Physically – most of your colleagues will have overdone it on the health front – too much fizzy wine and turkey makes for a slow start to the year! But if you’ve made the decision to get goal-hunting ready now then you can also get into damage limitation mode. Decide what days you can indulge and make a commitment to prioritise exercise, nutrition and rest on as many days as you can. You’ll be amazed by how smug you feel in the New Year if you’re able to have a healthier Christmas.

5. Get ahead of the crowd. Here’s a secret – January is a rubbish time of year to be searching for a new job in accountancy (deadlines and more competition) and by reaching out to us now and uploading your CV you will be ahead of the pack and benefit from everyone else neglecting their careers and prioritising watching rubbish Christmas films and eating Quality Streets!

Imagine how positive your mindset could be if you’ve done all the hard work by the New Year? In fact it’s not crazy to think you could have even secured the job offer of your dreams this side of Christmas!

And remember that you are in control of your own destiny and firms that have signed up fully to remote working or who are looking to employ interim staff and offer all of the perks of permanent employment do exist and they want to know about you!

So, take the first step today and make January all about reaping the rewards of having a winning December mindset. We’re ready and waiting to support you in your December journey to greatness! Send us an email today. 


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