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Don’t be afraid to move jobs

In the accountancy field, it’s common for employees to stay at a firm for a very long time – often though they feel it’s time to move. Although loyalty is to be commended, it shouldn’t be a detrimental decision for your career progression – sometimes it’s time to move on, guilt-free.

When is it time to move?

Some recruitment companies would have you believe it’s when you don’t want to go to work on a Monday – the trouble is, who likes Mondays anyway? If you’ve had a wonderful weekend, it’s not your job; it’s probably the thought of having to engage your brain again. At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we think it’s time to move jobs when:

  • You have lots of ideas that could take a business forward and skills that aren’t being fully used.
  • You have seen tremendous success with a project and would like to help another business to do the same.
  • You have gained extra qualifications, but after waiting, there is no immediate career progression possible.
  • You would like to take on extra responsibility and lead a team.
  • You are not enjoying your role and feel it’s time to try something new or a different business.

Next steps

Is your CV up to date? If not, invest time in crafting a CV that shows your most recent accomplishments at the top and what makes you a superb investment for any business.

Update your LinkedIn profile and register your interest with an accountancy recruitment specialist.

Invest in an interview outfit that is professional and gives an excellent first impression.

Run through some practice interview questions with your recruitment agency. It’s best to consider what examples you can give of areas where you have succeeded and where you have overcome objections.

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd is an established and experienced business that specialises in finding the most suitable candidates within the accountancy field. For more information, you can visit our website, call us on 0333 5777 787 or email


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