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How to make healthy meal plans to increase your career success

Have you ever wondered if the decisions you make about what you eat impact more than just your health?

The answer is that they definitely do and with this week being Healthy Eating Week we thought we’d help our job searching accountants understand why a tip top diet might be the key to a tip top accountancy career. And as we know you’re all super busy we thought we’d go one step further and help you meal plan your way to success.

How does my diet impact my career?

Great question.

And fortunately for us its an easy one to answer!

A great, balanced diet will help your body to function, both physically and mentally, at its optimum level. This means those who eat well will be more productive, creative, have better stamina and be happier at work.

Your food is your fuel and if you want to have the right amounts of energy to power you through a busy day at your desk or out meeting with clients, a great diet of slow energy release and nutritious food will make that a given.

If you choose to fuel your body with high sugar or heavily processed foods you can expect to suffer from energy crashes and slumps in your productivity which will mean you reach for the next convenience/poor food choice. It’s a vicious cycle.

And if you’re actively searching for a new role, your diet is even more important. If you’re not eating well, critically you’re unlikely to look well and if you’re invited to interview and you come across as tired, pale or falsely energised due to a sugar high, you might find you miss out on your dream job. And if your tummy is rumbling all through the meeting…… don’t get us started! Always have a nutritious meal prior to critical career moments like an interview.

So what kinds of foods will ensure I’m at the top of my professional game?

To boost energy and stamina accountants will benefit from a really great breakfast. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and energy especially if accompanied with wholemeal toast. And a bowl of porridge with some nuts and berries is always a better option than sugary cereal. Your tummy will thank you by mid morning!

If you find you’re often negatively impacted by stress, your diet can help you feel better about managing your workload or demanding clients. Fill up on spinach, oily fish, avocados, whole grains, citrus and a great daily probiotic.

If you find you’re regularly suffering with poor concentration or brain fog, turmeric is a wonderful spice to add to your meals and you’ll be pleased to know dark chocolate and coffee, in small doses, can actually be really good for you!

But even with the best intentions, if you’re a time poor accountant it can be really hard to eat well.

And this is where meal planning can really come into its own.

Take some time one evening a week to get meal plan ready. Book an online supermarket shop and compile it as you decide what meals you want to eat each week. When you’re planning healthy evening meals buy enough ingredients to make double or even four times the amount! You can use the leftovers as a healthy lunch option and put some portions in the freezer for days when you’re really behind and would usually reach for an easy fast food or takeaway option.

Look for seasonal ingredients and try and plan for at least one or two meat free meals. The more coloured ingredients you can use in meals you plan, the better. Aim for a rainbow of fresh, wholesome food. And don’t be afraid to use nuts and seeds in salads and soups to really bulk up the nutritional content and help the slow release of energy.

Across the journey of a lifetime, we’re certain that your diet and your success as an accountant will certainly be linked.

So if 2021 is the year that you’ll be propelling your career to the next level, make sure you’re giving your nutritional health the attention it deserves. You wouldn’t expect your car to deliver you to a momentous occasion in your lifetime with the wrong kind of petrol so don’t expect it of your body!

And in just the same way you need the right kind of fuel to find your way to success, you also need the right kind of career coach and recruitment professional. You can count on us to guide you to success in accountancy. Take a look at the latest opportunities we’re recruiting into and upload your CV today so that we can put you forward for any roles that we know are in the pipeline.



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