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Do Accountant Recruiters Deserve What They Earn?

After all – don’t they just sift through applications?

You might think this is something of an odd question – especially coming from a dedicated accountancy recruitment specialist. But it’s true – there are people who believe we don’t earn our corn. There’s a (drastically ill-informed) point of view that we spend our time, feet up on the desk, idly sifting through piles of candidate applications, before sending through a random selection to our Accountancy Practice clients.

Well, here at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we have news for you. Our life is far from what you might imagine. In this article, we’ll pick apart some of the common misconceptions about how we work and about our value to the accountancy recruitment sector.

  1. Recruiters just spend their days sifting through CVs

Let’s say this was true. It wouldn’t take accountants long to suss out what we were up to. In no time at all, the country would be littered with discarded recruiters while accountants stumbled through the recruitment process for themselves. Not a healthy outcome for anyone.

  1. Recruiters are solely target driven

This is the point of view that recruiters are obsessed with their targets – fitting candidates into roles ASAP, with scant regard for their suitability. No recruiter adopting this role would last long. In no time at all, they would be out of work. As with almost any profession or trade, you’ll get nowhere if you’re in it just to chase the money. In order to earn long-term success, there’s only one route to success. Do a great job.

It’s in no one’s interest to push a job seeker into a job that doesn’t suit them, least of all the recruiters. If our placements don’t stick, then, in no time, we’ll be facing the wrath of candidates and clients alike. There’s also the small matter of fee rebates.

  1. Recruiters don’t know anything about the roles they are recruiting for. The truth is, good recruiters, develop their skills and know-how by making sure they know their specialist area inside out. There lies a key point. Most recruiters aren’t specialists. They may have smart High Street premises. They may be a well-known generic brand. But their broad-brush approach will rarely achieve the same levels of success as a specialist recruiter.

At PPR, we’ve spent years getting to know the Accountancy sector – understanding the recruitment challenges faced by firms and candidates alike. We enjoy unrivaled levels of access to accountancy talent that no Accountancy Practice could hope to find for themselves. We also have an acute understanding of the kinds of hiccups that can occur during the recruitment process and how to solve them.

Recruiters don’t communicate

This is a strange complaint. Communication is absolutely vital in our industry. As a specialist Accountancy recruiter, we’re diligent – almost obsessively so – in the way that we feedback to our clients and candidates. We appreciate that, in all walks of life, people need to know where they stand and we make sure that this one area in particular where we never fall short.

Are you a candidate or a Practice who feels that your recruiter isn’t earning their fee? Don’t take the easy short-cut and use a ‘backdoor hire’. Be straightforward with them. Tell them how you feel about their approach. Work with them – not against them. Maybe by giving constructive feedback, the relationship will improve, alongside the service you receive.

Accountancy recruitment specialists

We know how candidates think – how their minds work. We also understand the demands, challenges and needs of Accountancy Practices. When it comes to all aspects of the accountant recruitment process, we’re specialist experts – always here to help.

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