Dispelling the Myths – Common misconceptions of Job Seekers

We recruit solely for accountancy practice, regularly working with candidates at all levels to help them realise their career goals. Interestingly, there are a number of common misconceptions held by jobseekers irrespective of position within the Industry.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions dispelled for you;

Dispelling the Myth #1 – The Numbers Game

Many candidates we work with apply for tens of jobs (or even hundreds) in an effort to find the perfect role. It’s really not necessary. Being selective and prioritising where you spend your time is more likely to give the best outcome.

Sending your CV to everyone just looks desperate and may give the impression that you don’t know what you really want. In an Industry which is so tight knit your reputation may suffer.

Ultimately, you will want a Job that will fit with your long-term career goals, and applying indiscriminately to jobs will not achieve that easily.You will also waste time on dealing with calls and potentially attending interviews which are irrelevant.

Dispelling the Myth #2 – All vacancies will be advertised

Job seekers we work with will often query how many (or few) jobs are advertised in their area. The reality is that many clients we work with do not actively advertise vacancies, but will definitely recruit talent when they find it.

Because we only recruit for Accountancy Practice we have relationships which span many years and will know which firms will be interested in your skills, whether they have an ‘active vacancy’ or not.

Dispelling the Myth #3 – The perfect skill set

Most Job adverts tend to refer to the Employers ideal candidate, but in reality, are aware that they may not find the perfect match. If you meet 70-80% of the requirements stated and you have a passion to succeed it’s well worth applying.

If you get through to interview stage its then a fantastic opportunity to articulate how you will go about gaining the missing skills, along with how determined you are to do so! In the current market (within reason) many firms will be willing to support you in gaining those further skills, as long as you can bring a variety of other desirable attributes to the role.

Dispelling the Myth #4 – Moving jobs regularly will damage my career

It is more commonplace to move around a bit in the current marketplace, and employers are more accepting than a decade ago. It is important though to be able to justify the moves you have made, and explain the rationale behind them. If you have gained additional skills and progressed more quickly due to the changes of role then explain that to your prospective employer.

If you are someone who gets the urge to move jobs every 6 months it may be worth considering Interim work instead of permanent roles.

Dispelling the Myth #5 –  Gaps in Employment

Gaps on your CV can be an issue if unexplained. But with the right advice on how to convey this on your CV and a reputable recruiter to be your advocate with potential Employers you need not worry.

For advice on how to best frame your CV and handling any other aspects of your job search we are ready and able to assist. With over a decade of experience in supporting accountants in finding their dream role we are confident we can answer your questions (no matter how big or small).

Contact us today via 0333 577 7787 or email info@publicpracticerecruitment.co.uk for further help from our dedicated consultants.


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