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Dig Yourself Out Of An Accountancy Career Rut

Are you as passionate about your accountancy career as you once were?

A stagnant attitude towards our jobs is something that most of us will find ourselves suffering from at one point or another within our career. It’s not something you should panic about, especially as an accountant, as you’re lucky to be in a booming sector packed full of opportunity! But if you notice the feeling starting to seep in, it’s important that you nip it in the bud as quickly as possible.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re the market leaders in accountancy recruitment and there’s no career based conundrum that we’ve not encountered. We’ve helped plenty of accountants at all stages of their career to overcome what they might have seen as insurmountable hurdles and find the job of their dreams and we’ll be able to support you too! But if you’re stuck in a rut and struggling to pick up the phone and reach out for support, here’s our top tips for turning things around.

1.  Get BIG picture focused.

Now there’s a process and some rules associated with this one! First up, consider what method most appeals to you; is a vision board a way of showcasing all that you can achieve or does the written word have more appeal? Either way get your big life goals on paper and don’t allow yourself to get bogged down with detail of the perceived limitations that your current role might place upon you. Imagine you can achieve anything. Quite simply because you can.

2. List your unique selling points.

You won’t quite be at the stage where you need to sell yourself just yet, but the process will make you feel more confident and help you climb out of that rut. What makes you stand out from the crowd and alongside your skills and experience in accountancy what else can you bring to the table? What transferable skills can you also offer? Do you have a loyal client base? Do you have niche accountancy knowledge in a specialist accounting field that might broaden a new employer’s potential portfolio of clients?

3. Now take the positive mindset that getting big picture and USP  focused will have given you and take a look at your current situation.

What is it that’s making you feel bogged down and what needs to happen for change to occur. Break down the path you need to take to make your BIG picture a reality and create a range of stepping stones that might get you there. For instance if you feel that the role above you in seniority isn’t quite achievable just yet, what additional qualifications or experience could you seek to change that? Or is there a side step that might widen your skillset and also re-ignite your passion for the role? Not all motivations for a change in job need to be financial. Turn your ideas into some SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.)

4. Tidy up your personal brand.

Now that you know what you want and how to achieve it it’s time to take an objective look at the image you’re putting into the world. Is it representative of the more confident person you’ve decided to become? We’re talking online and in person here and it’s important that you fix up and look sharp on both fronts. Even if your next step doesn’t include applying for new roles, if you want to be taken seriously in your sector you need to work hard to develop trust, authority and connections so give your online profiles an overhaul and give your personal sense of style a spring clean so that you’re projecting yourself as a future change maker and high achiever.

5. Remember, you’re not alone.

No man or woman is an island and to take your professional dreams to the next step you’ll need your own army of cheerleaders around you. Whether that be a friend giving your CV the once over, an ex colleague or employer writing you a winning recommendation on LinkedIn or having the support of an expert accountancy recruiter (or all three!)

“At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re proud to work not just to help you find your next job in accountancy, but as your personal career counsellor. We’re here when you’re laser focused that a new job is your immediate goal, but we’re also here when you’re not sure where your career is headed or which skills or qualifications to be pursuing. We’re here for the long run and we’ll see you safely from the start to the end of your accountancy career and out of any ruts you encounter along the way.”

Garry Howling, MD

So whether you’re feeling the need of some gentle support to get your career moving in the right direction or if jobs like Accountancy Partner in York or Senior Accountant in Chelmsford sound like something you’d like to pursue right now, you can count on us to work with you and for you towards that next professional step. Email us today on or upload your CV.

If you found this article helpful you might also enjoy our advice on goal setting in 2021  or our tips on how to fall back in love with accountancy. 


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