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A winning CV is your ticket to interview for a great new job as an accountant.

And we’ve spent plenty of time writing here on the blog about how to pack your CV with great content that perfectly and succintly showcases your skills and experience.

But what else really matters on your CV?

It needs to look polished, read well and be perfectly formatted. And today we’re recommending some brilliant tech tools to help you package your CV into the perfect document that will undoubtedly ensure you feature on the shortlist for your dream job as an accountant.

Tech Tips for a winning CV for accountants.

1. Outwrite

Outwrite is an online tool that will give your CV a total overhaul to ensure it’s exactly the document a shortlisting hiring manager will be excited to see.

It will synch with whichever word processing tool you work with (Google Docs, Word, Chrome etc) and Outwrite will not only give your CV a full grammar and spelling check (available on the free version), it will also make suggestions about how the content can be improved when it comes to repetition of words, paraphrasing, being more succint and basic readability (available on the paid for version).

2. Canva

Do you want your CV to stand out as a really sleek and professional PDF? Canva is a great, user-friendly tool that helps anyone and everyone become a talented graphic designer in minutes.

You can browse the excellent library of templates, upload your own images and select your own colour scheme. Drop your unique copy in to the text boxes and you’ll be ready to go.

Download your CV as a digital pdf and the file will look perfectly polished and ready to submit to your potential new employer or upload to our database so that we can match you with your dream job.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is another great tech tool that can help you ensure your CV is gramatically perfect with zero spelling errors.

But it goes one step further and can help you make sure the tone of your CV voice is on point.

Never considered what tone of voice your CV might have? Now is definitely the time!

Grammarly will help you identify if the tone of your CV voice is active or passive.

An active voice is when a sentence has a subject that acts upon its verb, so for instance:

‘I am a talented accountant.’

Whereas a passive voice is the opposite with the subject of the sentence being the recipient of a verb’s action. For example:

Previous employers have said I am a talented accountant.’

A CV written entirely in the active voice will come across as over confident and possibly arrogant and a CV written entirely in the passive voice will be quite the oppositie and suggest that the applicant lacks self belief!

So a perfect combination of the two makes for a well balanced CV and Grammarly will help you reconsider how your sentences are written and suggest alternative phrases until you come up with the winning score.

Clever hey!

‘At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re always delighted to support our candidates to make their CVs top notch. We can’t stress enough how important a CV is as the very first impression that an employer will get of you.  They’ll use it to make snap decisions as to whether you’re the right match for their firm.

If you’re not having much luck making it to the shortlists of jobs you’re excited by, you should definitely consider giving your CV an overhaul. These tech tips will certainly be a big help but you can’t beat some objective feedback from someone who understands the industry so do give us a call to get some ideas on where to start. We promise to always maintain your confidentiality’

Garry Howling, MD

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