Courses for Accountants to make 2022 the best year yet!

So, here we are! January 2022. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

As a motivated accountant we know that you’ll be rested, focused and excited to make this year a meaningful one when it comes to your career.

Alongside uploading your CV so that we can scan the horizon for the very best job for you, there’s plenty that you can do to maximise your chances of winning your dream job this year. A stand out CV is the first step in getting noticed by the right kind of firm and a range of relevant skills and qualifications will ensure that your CV is impossible to ignore!

So, here’s our top 5 course suggestions for additional study to help you make 2022 your best professional year yet.

1. If you’re looking to invest significant amounts of your time into skills that will propel you to Partnership level alongside your qualification as an accountant, then getting clued up on how to run a successful business is a great place to start.

The Open University offers committed accountants the opportunity to study remotely and flexibly to gain a Masters in Business Administration. And though you’ll likely still be studying when you apply for your next professional leap, employers will be blown away by your commitment and initiative to learn more than just accounting. Modern business skills are often a real draw for firms looking to take on Partners or Partner Designates and by taking steps to make sure you know your way around all aspects of business you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.

2. If you’re looking for courses to showcase a modern attitude to a world with constantly evolving challenges then why not try an online short course in Business Sustainability Management with The University of Cambridge?

This manageable 8 week remote learning qualification will really ensure that your CV stands out to progressive firms who are championing sustainability as a priority not only for their own modus operandi but also as a challenge that many of their clients will be needing to overcome.

3. Get Digital Marketing savvy with the help of a new day (online) foundation course in digital marketing with the Institute of Data and Marketing.

This fast paced course will help you understand the power of marketing an accountancy business online, delving into the hugely important topics of SEO, social media management and email marketing to name just a few. As a successful Partner at a thriving accountancy firm it’s unlikely that you’ll be responsible for managing any of these important marketing streams, but they would be critical to business growth so understanding how they work and being able to measure the success of those who provide them is a really useful tool for a talented accountant.

And one that will jump out of your CV as being a real asset to any hiring firm.

4. Become a master of not just numbers, but people too!

Any great accountant needs to list communication as a skill that they have in the bag. And if you’re looking to propel your career into the higher levels of accountancy it’s likely that some level of people management might be expected alongside your first class skills and qualifications in accounting.

So we’d strongly suggest that you take a few short online or face to few courses in HR and the surrounding topics of employment.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development is a great place to start and offers courses on a variety of subjects that will be really useful to you in your career as a leader in accountancy. Be it employee wellbeing, workforce strategy or how to manage performance in a team you can be sure that time spent learning how to get the best out of the people you work alongside will be time well spent. It all links back to emotional intelligence which is a core skill that we know appeals greatly to hiring managers.

‘An accountant that is doing more than submitting their CV and waiting to be plucked in to the job of their dreams is always an accountant we’re excited to see and showcase to our database of brilliant recruiting accountancy firms. A desire to learn additional skills showcases initiative and a hunger for real success and that’s the winning combination when it comes to being placed in the best jobs on the market.’ 

Garry Howling, MD, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

If you’ve been working hard to stand out from the crowd and know that 2022 is the year that you stand a real chance of winning a great new role in accountancy, we’d be delighted to see your CV today. Upload it via our web portal and we’ll be in touch very soon to discuss next steps. And if you would value a 100% confidential chat about what options are available to you professionally, we can provide just that and will be delighted to hear from you.



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