Could you be celebrating a new job by Christmas?

Did you know that the publication date for this blog marks 100 days until Christmas?

Ok we’ve said it – we’ve mentioned Christmas. In September. We know, we’re not thrilled with ourselves either. Sorry.

But also not sorry! We’re not here to tell you to hit the shops or to start stockpiling Quality Street!

We’re here to help you use the 100 days ahead to do something far more important than filling your home with junk you probably don’t need; instead use them to land the accountancy job of your dreams and change your life for the better.

“Sometimes we’ll come across a candidate who has totally nailed their CV and knows exactly what unique strengths, skills and qualifications they should be showcasing to recruiting firms and if that’s you we can most likely find you a brilliant job by the end of the month so upload your CV today! But if you need a little longer to get your goals and your CV in order, 100 days is still plenty of time for us to support you to find the perfect next professional step.” 

Garry Howling, MD

So let’s talk about the second of the audiences that Garry has identified for us, those that need a bit of time to get their ducks in a row, here’s our advice on how to structure your 100 days to success.

Day 1-7: MINDSET

Starting today it’s time to start talking to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend. If they ever doubted that they were talented enough to win a job you thought they deserved, would you fuel those fears or would you tell them to kick doubt to the kerb and big up their confidence with a whole heap of compliments and fighting talk?

The latter! Obviously.

So start to be your own best friend and use week one to get your head in the zone and your goals crystalised. What do you deserve and why do you want to get what you deserve?

Day 7-14: Gather your support team

The most important member of your cheerleading squad is your recruiter. You’ll want to spend some time finding the best one for you, but remember that in the niche world of accountancy, niche experience counts for so much and you’ll want to work with someone with a bulging list of contacts in the sector you want to work in! And also one that guarantees you total confidentiality so you don’t compromise your current position. And of course we can help!

Then you need to be sharing your goals and your plan with the people in your life you trust to keep it to themselves and to support and encourage you. There’s loads of research that shows the impact that sharing your big goals with the right people can have. It makes you accountable and it also means you’ll have people around you who also have a stake in your success.

Day 14 – 30: Get your application documents ship shape

Now that you have your recruiter on board you’ve likely received some objective advice about any areas you need to spend some time refining when it comes to your CV.

Now’s the time to take a deep dive into our CV Clinic resources and ensure you’re received the very best advice about how to stand out from the crowd and ensure your CV makes it to the shortlist.

Day 20 – 50: Get noticed

With the right recruiter by your side and your CV ready to blow the competition out of the water this is the time to be getting it noticed by those in the positions of power at the kinds of firms you’ve identified that you want to work with.

Remember if you’re working with an experienced recruiter like us, they won’t just be submitting your application to firms who have active vacancies! We work with a huge network of accountancy practices who always want to hear about true talent, even if they don’t have an obvious job for them to fill. Lots of growing firms will make room for the right people and if you work with us we’ll be making waves in all the right places on your behalf.

Day 50-100: It’s time to show them why you deserve every success! 

Assuming you’ve followed all of our advice we’d definitely expect you to be receiving some offers of interview by this stage so now is absolutely the best time to be spending lots of your free time researching interview techniques and making sure you’re familiar with how to nail an online interview (which is still common practice for lots of firms.)

You’ll also want to think about what kinds of benefits you’re hoping to receive from your dream employer and how you might go about negotiating them into your package. Once again this is definitely an area where you’d expect a brilliant recruiter to be able to support you with. We have our fingers on the pulse of the lengths good firms are willing to go to in order to secure talented accountants, but we’ll also be able to help you balance your expectations so that you don’t put a potential employer off by requesting anything that’s pushing the boat too far!

Day 100 : Celebrate ready for your most exciting New Year yet! 

So there we have it! Your 100 day plan to get you celebrating more than just a Christian festival on the 25th December!

We’d be absolutely delighted to be considered as your accountancy recruiter and will pledge to ensure your 100 days are structured and smooth and that your road to success is a straightforward one, so call us today to discuss those first steps! 03335 777 787




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