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Coping With Redundancy

Have you been made redundant or is the threat of redundancy looming?

Even with measures the Government have put in place, some organisations are under financial pressure and face having to make difficult decisions related to staffing. And for you, that could mean the possibility of redundancy.

There are some great resources available to help if this has happened to you – ACAS, The Money Advice Service, ICAEW and BACP. 

But while you’re taking stock and thinking about the future – and putting your mental health first and foremost, we’d like to offer some practical suggestions for coping with redundancy. 

We believe that by tackling things within your control, it can help you cope with the fear of uncertainty. And that could mean keeping busy. But it might also mean taking some time off. You could use the time to relax and unwind, take up a new hobby and just embrace a slower pace of life for a while.

However, if you’re someone who prefers to be busy and challenged, here’s a few ideas. 

Set goals and harness your dreams

Upskill with free online CPD 

Produce a CV which stands out

Create a winning job search strategy

“Being made redundant can feel shocking. It can knock your confidence. You might feel anger, fear, shame and grief. After all, being an accountant can feel like your identity. And your career is a huge part of your life.

But now is the time to reflect on what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Perhaps you’d like to turn your skills to a niche industry or climb that ladder to become Partner. Maybe you’ve never considered accountancy as a profession before and you’d like to train and get qualified. It could be that you’d like to take this opportunity to relocate.

Even during this crisis, the accountancy industry continues to thrive. Accountancy jobs are stable and will offer a safe career for years to come. We believe that accounting is recession-proof.

If you’ve been made redundant, we’d love to speak to you and find out where you are and how you’re doing. We could help support your plan, or help you create one. We’re experts in accountancy recruitment so please reach out for help.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

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