Candidates! Here’s how to nail your online interview

Are you soon to have an online interview for an accountants’ role?

There’s no denying that these are tough times if you’re searching for a job. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed us, and the world we live in. But employers are still hiring and for some it’s business as usual. So, we would urge you not to put your search on hold – as your peers are still out there landing the job that could have easily been yours.

And those companies who aren’t hiring right now, they may be trying to figure out how best to address their position. Building a relationship with PPR Ltd  in the interim period means that when they re-commence hiring you’ll be perfectly positioned to get your winning CV submitted quickly.

“As professional accountants, our members are at the forefront of managing, safeguarding and advising on the financial stability and integrity of businesses and organisations worldwide.” ACCA

So keep up your search, network like crazy and boost your skills in your spare time.

And, if you’re lucky enough to be offered a telephone or video interview, here are our top tips to ensure you get the job …7 P’s from Public Practice Recruitment Ltd!


Prepare – Ensure you have a stable internet connection – or phone connection, that you are completely au fait with the platform you’re using – Zoom or other, that your room is well lit and tidy and you have researched the company. Make sure you understand the role and you have a list of questions ready to go. And don’t forget to tell others you are interviewing – to avoid interruption.


Practice – Make use of friends, family and peers and ask them to take part in a mock interview with you. This will be especially useful if you feel uncomfortable in front of a camera.


Patience – There are likely to be a few bugs during your interview and maybe a lost connection or two. Be patient with your interviewer and keep up the enthusiasm and positivity. This will demonstrate so much about your personality if you don’t panic and flap!


Professional – The interview will feel different, but it’s vital that you conduct yourself in the same professional way as an in-person interview. Dress for the occasion, introduce yourself professionally and ensure you don’t tip over into being over-familiar.


Positive body language – It’s so hard to manage your body language when your brain is in overdrive answering questions and keeping control of tech which you are unfamiliar with. So, try to remember these four things – don’t slouch, don’t fidget, maintain eye contact and smile.


Project and pause – Check that your volume levels are just right on your device, then speak slowly, clearly and with confidence. Allow the interviewer to finish their question in full before answering them – there may be a time lapse.


Post interview – Follow up with a post-interview email to PPR Ltd and reinforce why you’re such a great match for the company. Maybe include a line or two about something you discussed to make the message more personal and help you stand out. We can make sure the client knows you’ve really reflected on how you felt it went.


“We know that there has been a 67% spike in video interviews because of the COVID-19 crisis. And that a third of virtual interviews have resulted in job offers. So, we must remain positive. At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we want to help candidates and employers through these uncertain times and ask anyone who needs help to reach out to us anytime. Let’s support each other.”

Gary Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd


As specialist accountancy recruiters, we’re the experts – always here to help.

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