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Candidate Case Study. Turning a Bleak Outlook into a Bright Future.

Looking for a job as an accountant? Be inspired..

It’s safe to say that on the 17th March, for many of us, the world seemed to turn upside down. COVID-19 brought fear, uncertainty and for many sectors a worrying outlook for business. Accountancy found itself in a unique position, battling hard to support its clients, knowing that their ability to survive would directly impact the future of their jobs.

For one of our recent candidates COVID-19 brought about an unexpected injection of time, and for a period, job uncertainty.

Dan (whose name has been changed for this blog) contacted us when his role at a UK top 20 accountancy firm was placed on furlough in April. He’d also been advised that his job was at risk of redundancy.

‘The initial shock of being placed on furlough and then a week later to be told that there was a threat of redundancy was a real shock to the system, and clearly with all of the initial media coverage the outlook was certainly bleak. However by taking a step back and considering what skills I had attained over a successful career I tried to remain confident that I would be an attractive candidate to any future employer. ‘

Dan acted quickly and cleverly. Realising that he had a window of opportunity to update his CV and get in touch with a first class recruiter, he knew there would be firms out there in a better position to snap up the skills he’d worked so hard to develop.

With the support of Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, Dan applied for a job on the 1st May. On the 12th May he attended his first online interview which we were pleased to help him prepare for using our range of online resources which include an advanced guide to preparing for an online interview.

‘The advice provided in relation to the interview process was extremely helpful.’

The interviewing firm took a little while to consider a range of applicants. Whilst Dan awaited the outcome we were able to source him another suitable role and arrange an interview. This took place on the 21st May.

The 22nd May proved to be a momentous day in Dan’s career. Starting out with the devastating news that he had been made redundant from his existing role, it ended on a positive when the first firm with whom he had interviewed offered him a second interview. We were able to once again support him in his preparation and his confidence was further boosted by the offer of another second interview with the second firm!

With four online interviews under his belt we were interested to know what Dan thought about the experience in comparison to a traditional interview.

I actually found the online process much better, on the basis that I found that I was very much more relaxed, given that I was in my own environment and comfortable in my own surroundings. The interviewer was also in a much more relaxed state, and the “problems” with the technology which were small actually provided a great ice breaker.’

He clearly performed very well and went on to receive a job offer from the first firm on the 28th May (just six days after being made redundant) and an offer from the second firm on the 9th of June, which was the one that Dan went on to accept. We were obviously thrilled for him!

Dan gave us some great advice to pass on to any other accountants out there feeling concerned about what their professional future holds.

‘My advice would be to relax, review your CV and ensure that this is in order. Then plan what you want and approach the situation in a positive manner. Ensure that you do your preparation for each and every meeting, ensuring that you know who you will be meeting and not forgetting to research them as well. 

Ensure that you sell yourself, but remain grounded in what you are offering to ensure that you are realistic in the level of knowledge that you have. When discussing you and what you can bring to the job in hand ensure that you focus on your positives, however ensure that you are ready for that question that you just don’t know the answer to, and be honest, if you just don’t know the answer, never bluff it. ‘

We were certainly proud to have provided such a great outcome for Dan and were keen to know how he found working with us….

I would certainly recommend Public Practice Recruitment Ltd to other colleagues looking for a new role within the accountancy industry. My reason for this would be based upon the level of service provided, the advice given, the work to assist with the preparation of the interviews and the feedback following such. ‘


At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re delighted to be helping firms and candidates turn what would otherwise be an extremely unsettling period of time into positive steps towards a brighter future. To benefit from our expert advice and first class recruitment support call us on 03335 777 787 or email


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