How to Boss Being the Boss

Being a leader in an accountancy firm is a big job.

You’re expected to inspire, mentor, delegate, decide, do….. the list goes on.

And if you’re a leader that’s feeling a bit deflated at the moment, you’re not alone! We all need to keep working on ourselves to ensure that we stay focused and continue to climb high in our careers and reap the benefits of working hard in practice.

So if you work in the role of a BOSS in accountancy but you really don’t feel like you’re bossing it right now, here’s a few pointers to help you boss being the boss.


It’s ok to be vulnerable and as long as you don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a rut you might just need to give yourself a little bit of a break to allow you to rediscover the leader in you.

You might be feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and when this happens it’s likely that you can’t see the wood for the trees. Taking a couple of days holiday might seem like the least helpful thing you could do when your to do list is piled high, but the perspective you’ll gain from a few days out of the office will honestly ensure that you’re more productive and perform better in the long run.

Plus if you’re so tense and wound up that your staff are not enjoying working with you, you won’t be inspiring, coaching, mentoring or leading in the way that you want to.

Everyone wants to like the people that they work with so allow yourself to relax and not only will you have a better time at work but your employees will respect you more too.


Once you’re feeling more relaxed you’ll be better able to listen to what people around you need from you. You’ll be able to properly connect with your clients and with your staff and you’ll have a better understanding of the direction of travel that’s necessary for your firm or your team to continue to grow and thrive.

Ask questions. Actively listen to the answers and give yourself time to mull over the right solutions but once you have all the information that you need, don’t hesitate with your decision making.


There’s nothing worse than working with someone who expects certain things to be done but doesn’t communicate that effectively. A boss who is bossing it will always make their expectations explicitly clear and conclude every meeting and conversation with a quick run down of who they expect to do what and by when.

Set your team up to succeed with clear communication and hopefully you’ll all reap the rewards.


The quickest way to lose the loyalty of your staff is to fail to showcase that you’re human. It’s fair to set high expectations and to want to motivate your team to be as productive and efficient as possible. But time and space needs to be set aside to manage the human factor of your workforce and being open and generous with your time when your staff really need it, is a skill of only the best leaders.

Finally INVEST

When you’re at the top of the organisation you’re the one who has to make the bold decisions if you want your firm to grow and thrive.  Decision making is imperative and you need to become adept at weighing up risks. But if there’s one thing that will stifle your team and your ability to provide an excellent service to a thriving portfolio of clients, it’s a a failure to invest. You’ve got to speculate to accumulate – fact.

If you’re a boss who needs support creating a team that will help your firm manage your existing client base and to grow into a future force to be reckoned with, you’ll want to work with a specialist recruiter who is also bossing it.

And for that you need look no further. Contact us today and we’ll get the ball rolling and support you to be the best boss of the best firm out there.


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