Become an interim tax expert

Accountancy services are more in demand now than they have ever been before, and unfortunately, there has become a significant skills gap.

There aren’t enough accountants — making trained accountants, especially those that specialise in areas such as taxation, very valuable.

As people age and retire, it is necessary for fresh trainees to enter the industry to sustain the required level of expertise. 

This shortage is also compounded by the evolution of accountancy to include high-powered data insights and technological advancements — requiring hybrid roles in many cases.

If you’re a taxation expert considering whether to embark on an interim journey, you will, quite simply, never be out of work if you are adept at what you do.

Qualifications to become an interim tax accountant

Some accountancy firms do not state that you need a CTA qualification, although it’s desirable. When it comes to taxation, it is valuable to be qualified by experience.

If you have an ATT and vast experience, for instance, you would still be highly desirable to an accountancy firm that desperately needs taxation support. 

It is important, however, to have a grasp on current tax law and any changes to regulation.

Interim tax accountant benefits

There are many benefits to working as an interim tax accountant, not least the fact that you will be welcomed with open arms as vital support to a firm. 

  • Your choice

One of the biggest pulls to become an interim tax accountant is having more choice about where you work, on what terms, and for how long. 

If you have retired, but want to top up your income, for instance, you might choose to work locally, part-time. 

If you’d like to address work-life balance, there are firms that offer flexible and hybrid working. You get to cherry-pick the practices that you would like to support.

  • Be the expert and reap the rewards

As an interim taxation specialist, you can expect to earn more per hour than within an employed role, which can be very rewarding. 

As there are more roles than taxation specialists, there is usually some room for negotiation, so don’t be put off by adverts that are a little below your rate — it’s always worth a discussion.

  • New day — new challenge

In addition to financial reward, interim work is excellent for broadening experience with different industries (agriculture, construction, not-for-profit, etc.), type of work, and firm size.

By broadening your experience or the size of the firm you work with, you can align yourself for more senior roles in the future. 

  • Like it so much, you stay

A lot of accountancy firms are reluctant to lose interim team members that have proven to be valuable and often make offers of permanent employment. 

As you have already worked with the firm, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Are you looking for an accountancy job?

If you’re looking for accountancy jobs, we’d encourage you to get in touch. 

We have a tremendous track record of introducing you (anonymously) to our long-term clients by highlighting your skills and attributes in line with each firm’s needs.

We will handle your job search for an accountancy role with the strictest confidence and sensitivity.

Call Public Practice Recruitment Ltd today for a confidential chat on 03335 777 787 or upload your CV here.



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